How To Spell shed?

Correct spelling: shed

What does the abbreviation shed mean?

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What are the rhymes for shed?

  1. sped, stead, retread, red, ged, led, reade, ted, bled, bred, widespread, unwed, unread, med, shred, thread, head, fled, read, lead, fred, wed, zed, dead, spread, ed, unsaid, redd, pled, swed, bread, sled, ned, tread, dread, wedd, freda, said, dred, jed, fed, bed;
  2. behead, abed, ahead, imbed, adread, misled, purebred, embed, instead;
  3. overfed, thoroughbred, overhead, biomed, infrared, interbred;

What are the translations for shed?

Afrikaans word for Shed


Arabic word for Shed


Bengali word for Shed


Dutch words for Shed

verliezen, loods, werpen, huisje, vergieten, afwerpen, ruien, schuur, afgeven, verspreiden, stal, keet, afdak, luifel, afschudden, afstoten, afvallen, uitvallen, plengen, berghok.

French words for Shed

supprimer, perdre, verser, grange, cabane, abri, hangar, cabanon, se dépouiller de.

German words for Shed

Stand, abnehmen, abwerfen, ausziehen, ablegen, verbreiten, abstreifen, Stall, Schuppen, vergossen, vergießen, haaren, loswerden, verloren, Bretterbude, Remise, Gartenschuppen, Verschlag, Schober, Baracke, Bretterschuppen, Bauhütte, abgeworfen, abgenommen, ausgezogen, abgespeckt, abgestreift, abgelegt, sich entledigen, verströmen.

Greek word for Shed


Hindi word for Shed


Italian word for Shed


Japanese words for Shed

小屋, 上屋, 置き所, こや, 置きどころ, 降らす, 置所, ふらせる, 抜け替わる, おきどころ, なや, ふらす, ぬけかわる, 仮小屋, 降らせる, かりごや.

Javanese word for Shed


Malay word for Shed


Marathi word for Shed


Norwegian word for Shed


Polish words for Shed

szopa, wiata, budka, buda.

Portuguese words for Shed

galpão, estábulo, telheiro, curral, chiqueiro.

Romanian words for Shed

magazie, cabană.

Russian words for Shed

сбрасывать, проронить, сарай, проливать, скидывать, гараж, ангар, лабаз.

Spanish words for Shed

perder, verter, mudar, quitarse, caseta, cobertizo, galpón, nave, cabaña, deshacerse, derramar, establo, desprenderse.

Swedish word for Shed


Tamil word for Shed


Vietnamese word for Shed

nhà kho.