How To Spell transition?

Correct spelling: transition

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What are the translations for transition?

Afrikaans word for Transition


Arabic word for Transition


Bengali word for Transition


Dutch words for Transition

overstap, verandering, omslag, omschakeling, overgang, modulatie, overschakeling, transitie.

French words for Transition

conversion, transfert.

German words for Transition

Wechsel, Umstellung, Wandel, Überleitung, Transition, Umschwung, Durchquerung, Passage.

Italian word for Transition


Japanese words for Transition

移行, 遷移, 推移, トランジション, 変転, 動転, 移り, へんてん, せんい, すいい, 動顛, へんせん.

Javanese word for Transition


Korean word for Transition


Malay word for Transition


Polish words for Transition

zmiana, przejściowy, transformacja, przemiana, przechodzenie.

Romanian word for Transition


Russian word for Transition


Spanish words for Transition

paso, transición.

Vietnamese word for Transition

quá trình biến chuyển.