How to Pronounce bass?

Correct pronunciation for the word "bass" is [bˈe͡ɪs], [bˈe‍ɪs], [b_ˈeɪ_s].

What are the misspellings for bass?

"Bass" in context

Bass is a type of fish belonging to the family Serranidae. It is a popular seafood item due to its rich, white flakes and distinctive texture. Bass is a bottom-dwelling fish, living near the sea floor until it is about four inches long, after which it moves up in the water column to feed. It is usually found in shallow waters, preferring depths between 30 and 100 feet. They have five spines in their dorsal fin, and are covered in scales.

Bass have a rich flavor that can be best described as mild yet sweet.

What are similar-sounding words for bass?

Usage over time for bass:

This graph shows how "bass" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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