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Correct spelling: breach

Definition of breach:

  1. A breaking; a break; a gap; violation of a law, contract, or engagement; infringement; quarrel; injury.
  2. To make an opening, as in a wall. See Break.

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Examples of usage for breach:

  1. Three times his men rushed into the breach which the big guns had made. –  by
  2. The assault was immediately ordered; and " by the extraordinary bravery," says Marlborough, " of the officers and soldiers, the citadel was carried by storm; and, for the honour of her Majesty's subjects, the English were the first that got upon the breach –  by
  3. If the girl thought her father guilty of a slight breach of honor, no hint of it was conveyed either in speech or manner. – Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course by W. B. M. Ferguson

Rhymes for breach:

  1. beach, beech, bleach, breech, each, leach, leech, peach, preach, reach, screech, speech, teach, keech, meech;
  2. impeach;