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What are the translations for obvious?

Afrikaans word for Obvious

voor die hand liggend.

Arabic word for Obvious


Chinese words for Obvious

明白, 显见, 彰明, 较著, 彰明较著.

Dutch words for Obvious

duidelijk, helder, vanzelfsprekend, opvallend, voor de hand liggend, overduidelijk, uitgesproken, zonneklaar, kennelijk.

French words for Obvious

clair, notable, évident, manifeste, visible, flagrant, qui coule de source, manifestes, apparent, visibles, logique, évidente.

German words for Obvious

eindeutig, einleuchtend, deutlich, klar, offensichtlich, offenkundig, evident, offenbar, augenscheinlich, Patent, naheliegend, unverkennbar, unübersehbar, sinnfällig, sichtlich, klar ersichtlich, auf der Hand liegend.

Greek word for Obvious


Japanese words for Obvious

明らか, 顕著, 決まりきった, 一目瞭然, あたり前, わかりきった, 昭然, 朱, みえみえ, 紅, 決まり切った, にい, しょうしょう, 分かり切った, ちょ, 亮然, いちもくりょうぜん, 灼然, けんちょ, しょうぜん, あら, あたぼう, 見え見え, 紛れも無い, りょうぜん, 決り切った, いやちこ, 更, あたりまえ.

Javanese word for Obvious


Malay word for Obvious


Norwegian word for Obvious


Polish words for Obvious

jasny, oczywisty, ewidentny.

Portuguese words for Obvious

claro, óbvio.

Russian word for Obvious


Spanish words for Obvious

evidente, manifiesto, obvio, visto, lógico, palpable, patente, evidentes.

Swedish word for Obvious