How To Spell quiet?

Correct spelling: quiet

What is the definition of quiet?

  1. the absence of sound; "he needed silence in order to sleep"; "the street was quiet"

What does the abbreviation quiet mean?

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What are the usage examples for quiet?

  1. She seems very quiet

What are the rhymes for quiet?

  1. piet;
  2. riot, miot, hiatt, hyatt, diet, wyatt, guyot, wiatt;
  3. disquiet;

What are the translations for quiet?

Arabic word for Quiet


Chinese word for Quiet


Dutch words for Quiet

zacht, stilte, rust, geruisloos, ingetogen, geluidloos, kalm, kalmte, geluidsarm, gedeisd.

French words for Quiet

calme, discret, tranquille, silence, paisible, calmar, serein, silencieux, quiet, quiétude, tranquilles, calmes.

German words for Quiet

Ruhe, ruhig, dezent, still, Stille, leise, heimlich, Stil, geräuscharm, geräuschlos, friedlich, halblaut, unbelebt, geruhsam, rüstig.

Greek word for Quiet


Italian word for Quiet


Japanese words for Quiet

静か, 閑寂, もの静か, 長閑, 粛々, ことばずくな, しゅくぜん, あんせい, 不活発, かんじゃく, 粛然, おんけん, かんせい, おちつける, 幽々, 穏健, しゅくしゅく, しんびょう, 穏便, 言葉少な, へいぜん, 長閑やか, 閑靖, ゆうゆう, ゆうじゃくみ, ふかっぱつ, 落付ける, しんかんとした, とりしずめる.

Korean word for Quiet


Malay words for Quiet

Sepi, Senyap.

Polish word for Quiet


Portuguese words for Quiet

calmo, baixo, silêncio, aquietar, tranqüilo, serena, acalmar, tranqüilidade, sossego, sossegado, tranqüila, pacata, pacato, pacatez.

Romanian word for Quiet


Spanish words for Quiet

quieto, tranquilo, suave, calma, bajo, silencioso, callado, reservado, discreto, tranquilidad, silencio, apacible, inactividad, parado, manso, sereno, acallar, paz, calado, sosegado, comedido, quietud, guardar silencio.

Swedish word for Quiet


Turkish word for Quiet


Ukrainian word for Quiet


Vietnamese word for Quiet

yên lặng.