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How To Spell roots?

Correct spelling: roots

List of misspellings for roots:

  • tooes,
  • phoots,
  • rodes,
  • rihts,
  • roste,
  • rooat,
  • reghts,
  • riotus,
  • routas,
  • fruiots,
  • routies,
  • roops,
  • roooms,
  • roouns,
  • doots,
  • roomis,
  • rouds,
  • trouts,
  • roose,
  • rotats,
  • drouts,
  • rhytms,
  • reorts,
  • wrods,
  • rooot,
  • rooes,
  • reats,
  • riouts,
  • rtops,
  • rotaes,
  • rioghts,
  • rooteen,
  • ruotes,
  • roomats,
  • raost,
  • rootes,
  • rootbeer,
  • risoto,
  • soots,
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  • rhetors,
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What does the abbreviation roots mean?

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Caribbean Roots


Album by Anthony Joseph

Caribbean Roots is the sixth album overall, and second solo album by Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph.

Comic Roots


British television series

Comic Roots was a British television series from the early 1980s, documenting the biographies and influences of a number of popular comedians of the era. Episodes included features on Les Dawson, and Alexei Sayle. Sayle converted his own documentary into an impromptu pub crawl.

Grey Roots Museum and Archives


Museum in Ontario, Canada

Grey Roots Museum and Archives began as a County museum in 1955. Since then it has taken a large role in preserving the history and promoting the heritage of Grey County. The current facility is located just south of Owen Sound on Grey Road 18.

Roots Rock Riot


Album by Skindred

Roots Rock Riot is the second album from British rock band Skindred. It was released on 23 October 2007 in the United States.




TrinityRoots are a band based in Wellington, New Zealand. Although they are commonly associated with New Zealand reggae they also embody a stripped back, jazz and soul-influenced rhythmic sound, which often builds up to highly emotional drum- and guitar-led crescendos.

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This graph shows how "roots" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for roots:

Arabic word for Roots


Bengali word for Roots


Dutch words for Roots

wortels, oorzaken, grondslagen.

French words for Roots

bases, racines, origines, sources.

German words for Roots

Ansatz, Herkunft, Abstammung, Ursprung, Ursachen, wurzeln, Ursprünge, Wurzelwerk, Verwurzelungen, Haaransatz, Grundwörter.

Greek word for Roots


Italian words for Roots

radici, origini.

Japanese word for Roots


Javanese word for Roots


Malay word for Roots


Marathi word for Roots


Norwegian word for Roots


Polish word for Roots


Portuguese words for Roots

raízes, fontes, enraizamento, origens, cernes.

Spanish words for Roots

raíces, orígenes, motivos, causas, arraigo.

Swedish word for Roots


Tamil word for Roots


Turkish word for Roots


Ukrainian word for Roots