How To Spell upturn?

Correct spelling: upturn

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What is the definition of upturn?

  1. To turn up; to direct upward; to throw up; as, to upturn the ground in plowing.

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What are the quotes for upturn?

  1. And this is one way to do technology forecasting; get a sense of where technology is, and then anticipate the next upturn.

What are the rhymes for upturn?

  1. earn, churn, hurn, spurn, cern, hern, byrne, kern, learn, hearne, turn, dern, verne, stearn, fern, urn, erne, hearn, bern, berne, burne, stern, sterne, yearn, vern, durn, stearne, herne, burn, kearn;
  2. ahearn, aherne, laverne, adjourn, sauterne, discern, concern, ahern, return;
  3. unconcern;

What are the translations for upturn?

Afrikaans word for Upturn


Chinese word for Upturn


French words for Upturn

reprise, relance, essor, rebond, regain, redressement, remontée, évolution positive, revirement positif, embellie, évolution favorable.

German words for Upturn

Aufschwung, Auge.

Italian word for Upturn


Japanese word for Upturn


Javanese word for Upturn


Malay word for Upturn


Norwegian word for Upturn


Portuguese word for Upturn


Romanian word for Upturn


Spanish words for Upturn

aumento, subida, mejora, despegue, crecimiento, alza, repunte, relanzamiento.

Tamil word for Upturn

முன்னேற்ற அணுகுமுறையும்.