How To Spell knowledge?

Correct spelling: knowledge

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What are the translations for knowledge?

Arabic word for Knowledge


Chinese words for Knowledge

知識, 闻见, 见闻, 学问, 耳目, 知识.

Dutch words for Knowledge

kennis, medeweten, wetenschap, informatie, weten, geleerdheid.

French words for Knowledge

connaissance, connaissances, savoir.

German words for Knowledge

Erkenntnis, Kunde, Kenntnis, Kenntnisse, Verstand, Wissen, Erkenntnisse.

Italian words for Knowledge

conoscenza, consapevolezza, preparazione, esperienza, sapere, sapienza.

Japanese words for Knowledge

知識, ナレッジ, 人智, ノレッジ, 人知, ノリッジ.

Javanese word for Knowledge


Korean word for Knowledge


Malay word for Knowledge


Norwegian word for Knowledge


Polish words for Knowledge

wiedza, znajomość, wiadomości.

Portuguese words for Knowledge

conhecimento, sabedoria, notícia, conhecimentos.

Russian words for Knowledge

сведения, познание, познания.

Spanish words for Knowledge

conocimiento, conocimientos, saber.

Swedish word for Knowledge


Turkish word for Knowledge


Ukrainian word for Knowledge


Vietnamese word for Knowledge

sự hiểu biết.