How To Spell obscure?

Correct spelling: obscure

What is the definition of obscure?

  1. Obscuration.

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What are the usage examples for obscure?

  1. His thought has always seemed so naturally akin to my own that it has never seemed to me obscure

What are the rhymes for obscure?

  1. lure, ensure, tour, ur, your, insure, ruhr, endure, poor, sure, cure, impure, boor, pure, manure, gilmour, unsure, buhr, mature, spoor, procure, lumpur, muir, secure, moore, moor, detour, demure, you're, inure, uhr;
  2. allure, assure, couture, baldur, bonjour, brochure;
  3. reassure, premature, immature, reinsure;
  4. entrepreneur;

What are the translations for obscure?

Chinese words for Obscure

模糊, 涩, 掩盖, 不明显, 溟溟, 溟蒙, 无名, 混茫, 曀, 靉, 昧没, 悜, 暗昧, 蹇拙.

Dutch words for Obscure

onbekend, vaag, obscuur, geheimzinnig, onduidelijk, ondoorzichtig, duister.

French words for Obscure

masquer, discret, cacher, dissimuler, occulter, opaque, voiler, obscur, inconnu, obscurcir, camoufler, embrouiller, faire perdre de vue, méconnu.

German words for Obscure

verdecken, seltsam, unbedeutend, unklar, verbergen, undurchsichtig, dunkel, verwirren, verschleiern, verwischen, verborgen, unbekannt, undurchschaubar, verworren, unbestimmt, verdunkeln, vernebeln, unklar machen, obskur, rätselhaft, verwischt, übertüncht, unerfindlich, abstrus.

Japanese words for Obscure

くもらす, かいじゅう, 暈かす, 曖昧模糊, ほのぐらい, ふぶんめい, 見難い, 不文明, ぼかす, 晦渋, 見にくい, 曇らす, 暈す, ふとうめい, よく知られていない.

Javanese word for Obscure

Ora jelas.

Malay word for Obscure


Norwegian word for Obscure


Polish word for Obscure


Russian words for Obscure

неясный, малоизвестный, незаметный, неясным.

Spanish words for Obscure

ocultar, opaco, vago, esconder, disimular, desconocido, desdibujar, impreciso, dudoso, incierto, oscuro, ensombrecer, obscuro, recóndito, complicar, eclipsar, entenebrecer, opacar.

Turkish words for Obscure

belirsiz, oklar.

Ukrainian word for Obscure


Vietnamese word for Obscure

che khuất.