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Correct spelling: offer

Definition of offer:

  1. To sacrifice.
  2. A proposal to be accepted or rejected; first advance; a bidding of a price. To offer violence, to attack.
  3. To present for acceptance or rejection; to proffer; to present as an act of worship, or sacrifice, or prayer; to present to the mind; to bid as a price.
  4. To be at hand; to express a willingness; to make an attempt.

Common misspellings for offer:

offert, ofer, offe, oofer, pffer, poffer.


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Examples of usage for offer:

  1. Friends do not offer to better each other- in such a way. –  by
  2. Mary accepted his offer –  by
  3. I know you couldn't offer such a thing to me. –  by

Rhymes for offer:

  1. coffer;