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How To Spell offer?

Correct spelling: offer

Definition of offer:

  1. To sacrifice.

List of misspellings for offer:

  • affar,
  • afforn,
  • offerthe,
  • ofers,
  • effel,
  • offiers,
  • loffer,
  • offely,
  • offcier,
  • over100,
  • offkey,
  • shoafer,
  • reffer,
  • offive,
  • sofer,
  • ofeers,
  • ouwer,
  • ofter,
  • offf,
  • effecy,
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  • offerce,
  • offre,
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  • oficer,
  • ofeer,
  • offiicer,
  • effer,
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  • officier,
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What does the abbreviation offer mean?

Related words for offer

Avraham Ofer


Israeli Politician

Avraham Offer was an Israeli politician, famous for committing suicide following the eruption of a corruption scandal.

Danna International (Offer Nissim Presents)


Album by Dana International

Danna International (Offer Nissim Presents) is the first album by Israeli singer Dana International, released in 1993. In her early days it was common to see her first name spelt "Danna".

Gil Ofer


Gil Ofer is an Israeli judoka.

John Offer



John Offer, FAcSS is a sociologist and academic. He is Professor of Social Theory and Policy at Ulster University.

Offer Wadham lighthouse



The Offer Wadham lighthouse is an active lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, was lit for the first time on October 4, 1858.

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Rhymes for offer:

  1. coffer;

Translations for offer:

Arabic word for Offer


Bengali word for Offer


Chinese words for Offer

供应, 奉上, 献出, 报盘.

Dutch words for Offer

bieden, aanbod, aanbieding, aanbieden, bod, spelen, voorstellen, voorstel, opperen, aanreiken.

French words for Offer

fournir, apporter, offrir, offre, proposer, sacrifier.

German words for Offer

bieten, anbieten, Antrag, zeigen, Angebot, aussetzen, Vorschlag, darbringen, Offerte, Anbot, Gebot, Offert, Anerbieten, Briefkurs, Verkaufsgebot, offerieren, sich erbieten, ausbieten, Proposition, Donner.

Hindi word for Offer


Italian word for Offer


Japanese words for Offer

提供, オファー, 申し出, 申し込み, オッファー, 申込み, 供える, ささげる, さしあげる, 申出, 献る, たてまつる, しんぜる, もうしこみ, 献ずる, 供す, 献じる, 進ずる, そなえる, けんずる, 捧ぐ, きょうする, まつる, ささぐ, 奉る, 進ぜる, 差上げる.

Malay word for Offer


Marathi word for Offer


Norwegian word for Offer


Polish word for Offer


Portuguese words for Offer

proposta, apresentar, submeter, propor, oferecer, oferecer a, disponibilizar, convite, oferecimento, oferenda.

Romanian word for Offer


Russian word for Offer


Spanish words for Offer

hacer, presentar, oferta, ofrecer, proporcionar, prestar, ofertar, constituir, brindar, ofrecimiento.

Swedish word for Offer


Turkish word for Offer


Ukrainian word for Offer


Vietnamese word for Offer

đề nghị.