How To Spell result?

Correct spelling: result

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What are the usage examples for result?

  1. Yet the poor who are poor as the result of their own fault are really the more in need of our pity and help. – Practical Ethics by William DeWitt Hyde

What are the rhymes for result?

  1. sult, schulte, cult;
  2. occult, exult, insult, adult, consult;

What are the translations for result?

Afrikaans word for Result


Arabic word for Result


Chinese words for Result

果, 成果, 胜败.

Dutch words for Result

uitkomst, effect, resultaat, uitslag, resulteren, uitwerking, voortvloeisel, uitvloeisel.

German words for Result

Ergebnis, Ausgang, Folge, entstehen, Erfolg, Fazit, Resultat, Bilanz, Ausfluss, resultieren, Befund.

Greek word for Result


Italian words for Result

risultato, risultare, conseguenza, effetto, esito, dare luogo, scaturire.

Japanese words for Result

賜物, 賜, 産物, リザルト, 合否, 成否, いたり, 至り, けっか, 出来ばえ, 成り行き, しょさん, さんぶつ, なりゆき, 成行, 所産, 成行き, ごうひ, きけつ.

Malay word for Result


Polish words for Result

wynik, skutek, rezultat, efekt.

Spanish words for Result

resultado, consecuencia, producto, resultar, efecto, derivar.

Turkish word for Result