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Spell Check of ruling

Correct spelling: ruling

Definition of ruling:

  1. Governing; determining; marking by a ruler; predominant.

Common misspellings for ruling:

ruleing, reling, ruting.


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Examples of usage for ruling:

  1. Love is the ruling principle. –  by
  2. Reflecting on these arrangements, she remembered the money that old Mage had given to her which was yet clutched in the hand that had received it; hearing a slight noise in the path ahead of her, she hastily thrust the money into the bosom of her gown and advanced, cautiously, for there was much unrest all over the Island of Cuba at this time and no one was really safe, either at home or abroad, as the Governor- General had issued positive orders to arrest without question all those who were, in any manner, detrimental to the ruling powers. –  by
  3. On this he had paid four, raising the other three on a mortgage which it was his ruling desire to pay off. –  by