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How To Spell ruling?

Correct spelling: ruling

Definition of ruling:

  1. the reason for a court's judgment (as opposed to the decision itself)

List of misspellings for ruling:

  • ralking,
  • roleing,
  • draling,
  • relieing,
  • recyling,
  • ruleing,
  • gruling,
  • culing,
  • trauling,
  • rufing,
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Related words for ruling

Anna Rüling



Theodora "Theo" Anna Sprüngli, better known under the pseudonym Anna Rüling, was a German journalist whose speech in 1904 was the first political speech to address the problems faced by lesbians.

Mae Ruling

R v Jordan


Court case

R v Jordan was a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada which rejected the framework traditionally used to determine whether an accused was tried within a reasonable time under section 11 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and replaced it with a presumptive ceiling of 18 months between the charges and the trial in a provincial court without preliminary inquiry, or 30 months in other cases.

Ruling Me

Samuel Rüling


German composer

Samuel Rüling was a German composer and poet in the early 17th century.

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Translations for ruling:

Afrikaans word for Ruling


Dutch words for Ruling

uitspraak, oordeel, vonnis, bepaling, beslissing, jurisprudentie.

French words for Ruling

verdict, dirigeant, jugement, ordonnance, au pouvoir.

German words for Ruling

Regelung, herrschend, Anordnung, Beschluss, Regel, vorherrschend, Spruch, Entscheidung, Regieren, Urteil, beherrschend, Entscheid, Arrest, regierend, regelnd, Gerichtsentscheidung, Linierung.

Greek word for Ruling


Hindi word for Ruling


Italian words for Ruling

vigente, al potere.

Japanese word for Ruling


Javanese word for Ruling


Korean word for Ruling


Malay word for Ruling


Marathi word for Ruling


Norwegian word for Ruling


Polish word for Ruling


Portuguese words for Ruling

julgamento, pronunciamento, governante, governamental, decisão, determinantes, governativa, regente, acórdão, decisão judicial, governista, governativo, patronais.

Romanian word for Ruling

de guvernământ.

Russian word for Ruling


Spanish words for Ruling

fallo, parecer, normativa, dominante, sentencia, reinante, controlador, gobernante, dirigente, veredicto, normativo, laudo, dirigentes.

Swedish word for Ruling


Tamil word for Ruling


Turkish word for Ruling


Ukrainian word for Ruling


Vietnamese word for Ruling

cầm quyền.