How To Spell security?

Correct spelling: security

What is the definition of security?

  1. freedom from anxiety or fear; "the watch dog gave her a feeling of security"

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What are the rhymes for security?

  1. purity, surety;
  2. impurity, obscurity, maturity;
  3. immaturity, insecurity;

What are the translations for security?

Afrikaans word for Security


Arabic word for Security


Chinese words for Security

保安, 安全性.

Dutch words for Security

bewaking, veiligheid, zekerheid, beveiliging, waarborg, onderpand.

French words for Security

caution, titre, tranquillité.

German words for Security

Kaution, Deckung, Pfand, Sicherheitspfand, Sicherheit, Garantie, Wertpapier, Geborgenheit, Sicherung, Sicherheitsleistung, Wertschrift, Faustpfand, Versatzstück, Hinterlage.

Italian words for Security

sicurezza, garanzia, protezione, certezza, cauzione.

Japanese words for Security

セキュリティ, 保障, 安全, セキュリティー, 保安, 安全保護, 担保, 安保, 強固, ほあん, あんたい, 引当, 引当て, 鞏固, ていとう, ひきあて, あんぜんほご, たんぽぶっけん, 無難, 引き当て, あんていせい, たんぽ, ほしょう, あんぽ, ぶなん, 抵当, 安泰.

Korean word for Security


Malay words for Security

Keamanan, Keselamatan.

Norwegian word for Security


Polish words for Security

zabezpieczenie, bezpieczeństwo, ochrona, kaucja.

Portuguese words for Security

penhor, seguridade.

Romanian word for Security


Russian words for Security

безопасность, обеспечение, охранный, обеспеченность, ценные бумаги, органы безопасности.

Spanish words for Security

valor, fianza, seguridad, valores, garantía, estabilidad.

Turkish word for Security


Ukrainian word for Security