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How To Spell sound?

Correct spelling: sound

Definition of sound:

  1. A cuttlefish.

List of misspellings for sound:

  • sennd,
  • souldd,
  • saund,
  • sund,
  • soudne,
  • xoned,
  • satnd,
  • sunaday,
  • thosnd,
  • souind,
  • losind,
  • soont,
  • chosend,
  • saunday,
  • yound,
  • sould,
  • secnd,
  • signd,
  • sekond,
  • sounsd,
  • aound,
  • stundy,
  • souinds,
  • spond,
  • sounf,
  • soun,
  • soono,
  • suould,
  • sonday,
  • sournce,
  • sunto,
  • scount,
  • sounth,
  • surouned,
  • sourrond,
  • sundy,
  • srudo,
  • sighnd,
  • sindy,
  • ound,
  • saround,
  • thousnd,
  • suround,
  • sunnday,
  • sond,
  • rround,
  • syudy,
  • sorrund,
  • sarround,
  • shund,
  • sunda,
  • thouand,
  • solonoid,
  • secornd,
  • summound,
  • smount,
  • surrund,
  • sunade,
  • sivonda,
  • asound,
  • singd,
  • shoun't,
  • sirround,
  • ruond,
  • souneds,
  • thouend,
  • souond,
  • swund,
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  • surroind,
  • saound,
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  • seocond,
  • seond,
  • seeand,
  • saunds,
  • snount,
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  • sundau,
  • tound,
  • eound,
  • sofened,
  • soutn,
  • sundya,
  • suband,
  • jouned,
  • osund,
  • wround,
  • sounld,
  • sorwd,
  • soundm,
  • thousend,
  • sorround,
  • seand,
  • sownd,
  • loucinda,
  • rouund,
  • soround.

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Quotes for sound:

  1. We did experiments with the Boston Symphony for many years where we measured the angles of incidence of sound arriving at the ears of the audience, then took the measurements back to MIT and analyzed them.
  2. We wanted to guide the musicians, so we could create our own sound. We would never let the band just go in and play the chord sheets. We were very focused on what we had in mind for these productions.
  3. When the baby dies, On every side Rose stranger's voices, hard and harsh and loud. The baby was not wrapped in any shroud. The mother made no sound. Her head was bowed That men's eyes might not see Her misery.
  4. Japan is quite weird because they wait for you to say something before they respond. You can literally hear a pin drop, they don't make a sound until you say something to the crowd.
  5. I worked very hard, but I think it's unfair to make it all sound like it's all David's fault.

Translations for sound:

Afrikaans word for Sound


Arabic word for Sound


Chinese words for Sound

音效, 声响, 音频.

Danish word for Sound


Dutch words for Sound

slaan, klinken, klank, degelijk, diep, gezond, grondig, gedegen, deugdelijk.

French words for Sound

sonder, fiable, responsable, volume, prudent, firme, profond, sonner, sain, sembler, rigoureux, son, valable, raisonnable, judicieux, bruit, sensé, faire sonner, retentir, sonore, sonores, solides, acoustique, rationnel, s'entendre, donner l'impression de.

German words for Sound

laut, Ton, Gut, einwandfrei, solide, fest, stark, stichhaltig, fundiert, gesund, Sound, Klang, Schall, Geräusch, intakt, ausloten, aussagekräftig, unbeschädigt, triftig, klingen, ertönen, lauten, sondieren, tief, unversehrt, stabil, fehlerfrei, treffsicher, Klangbild, Meeresarm, Meerenge, Mucks, Sonde, fehlerlos, zahlungsfähig, gediegen, solvent, kreditfähig, erklingen, tönen, einen Klang haben, sich anhören, erklingen lassen, loten, abklopfen, erschallen, ertönen lassen, erschallen lassen, abhorchen, mitklingen, Säge, tadellos, schallen, Audio.

Italian words for Sound

suono, rumore.

Japanese words for Sound

音, サウンド, 鳴り, 無傷, ゾンデ, おんきょう, 健全な.

Javanese word for Sound


Korean word for Sound


Malay word for Sound


Marathi word for Sound


Norwegian words for Sound

klink, sunn.

Polish words for Sound

mocny, brzmienie, cieśnina, odgłos, dźwięczenie.

Portuguese words for Sound

adequado, bom, barulho, soar, eficaz, consistente, fundamentado, racional, coerente, correcta, positivos, positiva, adequadas, rigorosa, sonoridade, áudio, sadio, corretas, sãs, equilibrada, ajuizado.

Russian words for Sound

звуковой, здоровый, качественный, звук, шум, звучать, издавать звук.

Spanish words for Sound

sensato, sondear, correcto, adecuado, seguro, completo, tocar, bueno, profundo, acertado, prudente, parecer, sonido, ruido, de sonido, sano, sonar, equilibrado, positivo, sonoro, saludable, auscultar.

Swedish word for Sound


Turkish word for Sound


Vietnamese word for Sound

lành lặn.

Welsh word for Sound