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How To Spell stage?

Correct spelling: stage

What does the abbreviation stage mean?

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What are the rhymes for stage?

  1. gage, gaige, kage, sage, cage, age, rage, paige, upstage, page, hage, lage, gauge, wage;
  2. backstage, assuage, engage, onstage, osage, enrage, offstage;
  3. under-age, disengage;

What are the translations for stage?

Arabic word for Stage


Chinese words for Stage

场, 层次.

Dutch words for Stage

toneel, stap, scène.

French words for Stage

monter, organiser, cycle, stade, scène, stage, planches, estrade.

German words for Stage

bereitstellen, Gestell, Podium, Stadium, ausrichten, Abschnitt, Niveau, Stufe, Grad, Schauplatz, veranstalten, Phase, Schritt, Teilstrecke, arrangieren, Bühne, inszenieren, Periode, Plattform, Etappe, Theaterbühne, Station, Zwischenstufe, Schichtstufe, auf die Bühne bringen, Moment, Fase, Plateau.

Italian words for Stage

passo, tappa, stadio, palcoscenico.

Japanese words for Stage

ステージ, 段階, 宿場, 宿駅, しゅくえき, しゅくば, だんじょう, 壇場.

Javanese word for Stage


Korean word for Stage


Malay word for Stage


Marathi word for Stage


Polish words for Stage

poziom, trap, etap, scena, faza.

Portuguese words for Stage

nível, ponto, estrada, estágio, palco, encenar.

Romanian word for Stage


Russian words for Stage

этап, стадия, сцена, арена, подмостки, драматическое искусство.

Spanish words for Stage

lanzar, paso, punto, escenario, organizar, momento, tramo, estado, etapa, escena, teatral, escénico, representar, montar, grado, ciclo, preparar, plataforma, cena, estrado, tablas, teatro, estadio, tablado, diligencia, poner en escena.

Swedish word for Stage


Turkish word for Stage


Ukrainian word for Stage


Vietnamese word for Stage

giai đoạn.