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How To Spell stage?

Correct spelling: stage

Definition of stage:

  1. a section or portion of a journey or course; "then we embarked on the second stage of our Caribbean cruise"

List of misspellings for stage:

  • sauge,
  • stadagy,
  • stategy,
  • starnge,
  • satge,
  • atake,
  • stanger,
  • seattke,
  • steaky,
  • estage,
  • staep,
  • styke,
  • savige,
  • fatige,
  • storagae,
  • cotage,
  • vtiger,
  • stange,
  • starget,
  • sttae,
  • cittage,
  • hositage,
  • steaglle,
  • stoage,
  • staek,
  • statig,
  • storgae,
  • storeage,
  • gtake,
  • sdfg,
  • stang,
  • stoargae,
  • strag,
  • stodgey,
  • starnger,
  • mesatge,
  • suauage,
  • sfdg,
  • doseage,
  • stape,
  • stragey,
  • stragiey,
  • sitemake,
  • storege,
  • strage,
  • satege,
  • hastage,
  • posatge,
  • staker,
  • sosage,
  • stafe,
  • sabitage,
  • stge,
  • sstorage,
  • stae,
  • suffage,
  • sittig,
  • sauceage,
  • sturglle,
  • storrage,
  • stayde,
  • stagna,
  • stagecacoh,
  • savge,
  • santoago,
  • vitage,
  • staregy,
  • mustake,
  • srage,
  • santagio,
  • mstake,
  • heitage,
  • stroeage,
  • fatuge,
  • susage,
  • strouge,
  • stockadge,
  • straegy,
  • nostagia,
  • stuuk,
  • stroage,
  • fatuige,
  • stogner,
  • stadge,
  • mustag,
  • staik,
  • stage1,
  • hostge,
  • starke,
  • sepage,
  • steake,
  • strager,
  • stofe,
  • sootcase,
  • stagma,
  • sohrtage,
  • sasuge,
  • mistaque,
  • sasauge,
  • starge.

What does the abbreviation stage mean?

Related words for stage

Stage Entertainment


Theatre company

Stage Entertainment is a live entertainment company founded by Dutch media tycoon and theatrical producer, Joop van den Ende. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Quotes for stage:

  1. No drama, however great, is entirely independent of the stage on which it is given.
  2. I would say that the war correspondent gets more drinks, more girls, better pay, and greater freedom than the soldier, but at this stage of the game, having the freedom to choose his spot and being allowed to be a coward and not be executed for it is his torture.
  3. Now I can stand up on the stage again like I used to after five years of sitting down while I sang.
  4. Sony could have $50 million and a sound stage and A -list actors and never make the same film. The constraints on this film became the essence of this film, became the power of this film.
  5. I was able to go from stage hand to floor manager to assistant director to director in a year because there was just no one else to do it and what I didn't realise and what people don't understand now about television is that we used to do about five shows a day.

Rhymes for stage:

  1. gage, gaige, kage, sage, cage, age, rage, paige, upstage, page, hage, lage, gauge, wage;
  2. backstage, assuage, engage, onstage, osage, enrage, offstage;
  3. under-age, disengage;

Translations for stage:

Arabic word for Stage


Chinese words for Stage

场, 层次.

Dutch words for Stage

toneel, stap, scène.

French words for Stage

monter, organiser, cycle, stade, scène, stage, planches, estrade.

German words for Stage

bereitstellen, Gestell, Podium, Stadium, ausrichten, Abschnitt, Niveau, Stufe, Grad, Schauplatz, veranstalten, Phase, Schritt, Teilstrecke, arrangieren, Bühne, inszenieren, Periode, Plattform, Etappe, Theaterbühne, Station, Zwischenstufe, Schichtstufe, auf die Bühne bringen, Moment, Fase, Plateau.

Italian words for Stage

passo, tappa, stadio, palcoscenico.

Japanese words for Stage

ステージ, 段階, 宿場, 宿駅, しゅくえき, しゅくば, だんじょう, 壇場.

Javanese word for Stage


Korean word for Stage


Malay word for Stage


Marathi word for Stage


Polish words for Stage

poziom, trap, etap, scena, faza.

Portuguese words for Stage

nível, ponto, estrada, estágio, palco, encenar.

Romanian word for Stage


Russian words for Stage

этап, стадия, сцена, арена, подмостки, драматическое искусство.

Spanish words for Stage

lanzar, paso, punto, escenario, organizar, momento, tramo, estado, etapa, escena, teatral, escénico, representar, montar, grado, ciclo, preparar, plataforma, cena, estrado, tablas, teatro, estadio, tablado, diligencia, poner en escena.

Swedish word for Stage


Turkish word for Stage


Ukrainian word for Stage


Vietnamese word for Stage

giai đoạn.