How To Spell stress?

Correct spelling: stress

What is the definition of stress?

  1. put stress on; utter with an accent; "In Farsi, you accent the last syllable of each word"

What does the abbreviation stress mean?

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What are the rhymes for stress?

  1. ques, bless, hess, esse, nes, ness, fests, pless, fess, mess, les, chess, tress, s, less, vess, yes, bess, guests, guess, kess, wes, press, es, ches, hesse, cress, tess, gless, ress, ess, jess, gess, dress, crests, abs;
  2. address, retests, possess, largesse, success, molests, egress, repress, requests, invests, distress, express, suggests, noblesse, etess, vs, progress, obsess, finesse, ls, ts, depress, excess, regress, contests, compress, aggress, undress, caress, fluoresce, profess, redress, infests, digress, attests, oppress, assess, divests, impress, digests, ellesse, recess, fs, confess, suppress, unless, transgress, protests;
  3. uss, oas, ins, cus, acquiesce, pos, uys, las, nonetheless, reassess, dispossess, dss, cps, convalesce, ccs, lcs, repossess, reinvests, ers, coalesce;
  4. abts, hces, nevertheless, tcas, cmos, adss, stds, ws;

What are the translations for stress?

Dutch words for Stress

druk, spanning, nadruk, benadrukken, belasting, klemtoon, onderstrepen, beklemtonen.

French words for Stress

souligner, accentuer, accent, balisage, insistance, accentuation.

German words for Stress

Beanspruchung, beanspruchen, Anstrengung, betonen, Belastung, belasten, Spannung, Betonung, unterstreichen, hervorheben, Druck, Spannungszustand, Akzent, Materialbeanspruchung, Nachdruck, Gewicht, mechanische Spannung, herausstreichen, auf den Akzent legen, strapazieren, anspannen, Pression, Tension, Stress.

Italian words for Stress

sforzo, sollecitazione, tensione.

Japanese words for Stress

ストレス, 重視, 重き, アクセント, 強音, きょうおん, 力説, わいりょく, 歪力, りきせつ, おもき, 語勢, じゅうし.

Javanese word for Stress


Korean word for Stress


Malay word for Stress


Polish word for Stress


Portuguese words for Stress

assinalar, frisar, estresse, salientar, sublinhar, ressaltar, ansiedade, tensões, acento tônico, tônica, tensionar, insistir em.

Russian words for Stress

стресс, усилие, ударение, нажим.

Spanish words for Stress

destacar, resaltar, subrayar, esfuerzo, relieve, reforzar, estrés, énfasis, acento, recalcar, enfatizar, acentuar, ansiedad, remarcar, hincapié, insistencia, insistir en, estresarse, alterarse.

Swedish word for Stress


Ukrainian word for Stress


Vietnamese word for Stress

sự nhấn mạnh.