How To Spell voice?

Correct spelling: voice

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What does the abbreviation voice mean?

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What are the rhymes for voice?

  1. loyce, joyce, joice, royce, boyce, choice, hoists;
  2. alois, duboise, rejoice;

What are the translations for voice?

Arabic word for Voice


Bengali word for Voice


Chinese words for Voice

嗓, 嗓音, 话音, 发言权, 嗓子, 声气, 嗓门.

Dutch words for Voice

spraak, stem, spreekbuis, inspraak.

French words for Voice

exprimer, opinion, formuler, traduire, voix.

German words for Voice

aussprechen, Stimmlage, Organ, Sprache, Stimme, Mitspracherecht, Sprachrohr, stimmhafter Laut, stimmhaft aussprechen.

Greek word for Voice


Hindi word for Voice


Japanese words for Voice

音声, 声, ボイス, 聲, おんせい, おんと, 音吐.

Javanese words for Voice

Suara, Swara.

Norwegian word for Voice


Polish word for Voice


Portuguese word for Voice


Russian words for Voice

голос, глас, певец.

Spanish words for Voice

portavoz, voz, voto, vocero, vocera.

Swedish word for Voice


Turkish word for Voice


Ukrainian word for Voice