Correct spelling for 7DAYS

We think the word 7days is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 7days

  • dace For bleak, dace, roach, chub, &c. a piece of a maggot, or a small piece of white leather, should be placed at the end of the hook.
  • dais Holding one hand to her wildly beating heart, she looked across the bloodstained arena to the rows of seats and the dais decorated for Caesar.
  • daisy It won't be much fag for you if you drive over with Daisy Musgrave.
  • day Why did you turn me out the other day?
  • days Why, that was before our time-in the days of the Chartist riots!
  • daze On the street he breathed deeply, standing as in a daze while the thunder of iron-rimmed wheels surrounded him.
  • dds dds texture files Donovan Data Systems, software & computer services company Dynamic digital signage Leased line, Dataphone Digital Service or Digital Data System
  • dias Dias has five mules, and we shall only have to buy the three for riding.
  • dis "Ah, massa, dis niggar gone coon if you hadn't found him," answered Dio.
  • dos 4 : Dos pou sto, kai kosmon kineso.
  • doss This ain't a fourpenny doss, you know.
  • hays One was postmarked Fort Hays.
  • mays Mays was shadowed for a few days, but nothing was learned except that he unquestionably had business relations with the unscrupulous Schlimmer, and that they occasionally met in the office of a lawyer in that district.
  • ways
  • Bays Isabella's woe Waters those bays that shall for ever grow.
  • Dies 231 Rouen, William I. dies at, i.
  • Does Does you-all like her the best?
  • Nays The yeas and nays were ordered, and the vote was yeas 57, nays 108. So the resolution to impeach the President was rejected by the very emphatic vote of 67 to 108-nearly two to one-and by a House two-thirds Republican.
  • Gays The way I figure it out, said Warren, his lean, brown face showing earnest lines even in the shaded light from the porch lamp, the way I figure it, Mrs. Willis, the Gays will help Rosemary and Sarah and Shirley and they will certainly help them.
  • Tars The rest were tars before the mast, and lived in the fo'c'sle.
  • Toys "Mamma, Mamma," cried Florry, eagerly, "we have found all the old toys we thought we had lost!
  • jays The robins are at enmity with the jays and the crow blackbirds and the cuckoos in the spring, and the reason is, these birds eat the robins' eggs.
  • pays Always play your game above board; it pays."
  • dabs On this lay a square of blotting-paper, covered with ink-dabs and some stray papers, an ungainly inkstand, and one or two scattered pens and holders.
  • says "Wanted me to meet family," says he.
  • dams Dams full of water.
  • duos Tullus magna gloria belli regnavit annos duos et triginta.
  • drays Rich furniture and ragged furniture, carts, waggons, and drays, ropes, canvas, and straw, packers, porters, and draymen, white, yellow, and black, occupy the streets from east to west, from north to south, on this day.
  • dears My dears, don't 'ee tell me the Lord didn' know what He was about when He cast the Garibaldi ashore!"
  • lays "The neck of the goose that lays the golden eggs?
  • TASS "Mandaia," Dameri Tass snapped, pushing the cap into Casey's reluctant hands.
  • TTYS
  • DADS The worst of it all was that the whole village began to suffer from catalepsy as Dads said, and then it all got into the newspapers, and occult societies camped at the gates, water diviners drilled on the lawns, the Merry Harvester was filled with 'ologists hailing from this country, and some genuine catamaniacs, until I had the bright idea of fastening a placard on the gates to say that the cat was dead, though she had suddenly disappeared the night the picture of the ancestress fell, owing honestly to a faulty plug in the wall.
  • RAYS I however twisted a white handkerchief round my hat, to keep off the rays of the sun, and he followed my example.
  • FAYS Once stories were of fairies, fays, trolls, the "little people," of poltergiest and loup garou.
  • DAGS Others bore dags, daggers, poniards, bayonets, square-bladed tucks, stilettoes, poniardoes, skeans, penknives, puncheons, bodkins, swords, rapiers, back-swords, cutlasses, scimitars, hangers, falchions, glaives, raillons, whittles, and whinyards.
  • DRYS It seemed to have sought shelter in this ravine overgrown with grass and rushes, from the keen, salt sea wind-the ocean wind that devours and burns like fire, that drys up and withers like the sharpest frost of winter, just as birds seek shelter in the furrows of the fields in time of storm.
  • DUES But have you refused to marry anyone because they couldn't pay you your dues?
  • TAUS 2 and 7 are but variants of 3 and 4. If, instead of angles, curved lines be given to the taus, the first half of fig.

10 words made from the letters 7days

5 letter words made from 7days:


3 letter words made from 7days:

sad, dys, day, say, das.

4 letter words made from 7days:

syda, sady, days, sayd.

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