Correct spelling for RIT

We think the word rit is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rit

  • bit Wait a bit, lads, we will give them another.
  • brit Luckily, Brit had "proven up" on his homestead, so that when the irate Mrs Hunter deserted him she did not jeopardise his right to the land.
  • fit Make us fit to be baptised.
  • grit Some sayis, that Wormestoun was schot by the same schot that slew the regent, but alwayis he was slane, notwithstanding the regent cryed to save him, but it culd not be, the furie was so grit of the presewaris, who, following so fast, the lord of Mortone said to Balcleuch, 'I sall save you as ye savit me,' and so he was tane.
  • kit The kit-bag we took with us for duffle, and we set off for the point.
  • lit It was evident he had lit on the place where Killian Vander Spiegel had concealed his treasure.
  • mit "Oh, he talk mit Ballards' girl-Mees Betty.
  • nit 11. En er geschiedde eene stem nit de hemelen: gij zijt mijn geliefde Zoon, in denwelken Ik mijn welbehagen heb!
  • pit "The taxpayers will never indorse the project of digging out that pit to recover the body of a convict, no matter who he is," declared the commissioner.
  • rat Then Drummer the Woodpecker began such a furious rat-a-tat-tat-tat on the trunk of the old tree that it rang through the Green Forest and out across the Green Meadows almost to the Purple Hills.
  • reit After a few months, however, I had gained much experience, and could tell the footprints of the following animals, all of which were to be seen near our kraal:-The hippopotamus, called imvubu by the Caffres, the buffalo, the large black bush-buck, the red bush-buck, and small blue bush-buck, the reit-buck, duiker, leopard, hyaena, the ratal, and many smaller animals.
  • ri Distances are measured by ri, cho, and ken.
  • rib Then running into the hut she quickly returned with a rib of venison and a tin mug of water.
  • rid If he could get rid of the trouble that bothered him now, which, you know, was nothing but lonesomeness, he wouldn't worry about the troubles he might get into later.
  • rift In an hour had arisen the rift between them that was to widen to a chasm into which much blood had since been spilt.
  • rig The youngest child will tell us about that "Ogre" Soulis, who was so hated by his vassals for his awful oppression of them, that at last they boiled him alive-horrible vengeance-on the Nine-Stane Rig, a Druidic circle near by.
  • rim "It was the thimble-the lost one," said Penelope-"the one with the dark-blue top and the light-blue stones round the rim, the goldy thimble which was Aunt Sophy's."
  • rio He explained how Carr had taken the old Diaz ranch that had been Spanish and then Mexican in its time and had made it over into what it was, the greatest stock run north of the Rio Grande and west of the Mississippi.
  • riot 176; riot at, against the new Liturgy, v.
  • rip The only way to prevent this was to rip open the tea-chests and spill their contents into the sea, and this was done, according to a preconcerted plan and without the slightest uproar or disorder, by a small party of men disguised as Indians.
  • rite Luis first felt inclined to be disgusted with the Friar's open acknowledgment of his contempt for the sacred office he performed; but the imperturbable coolness and thorough good nature of the latter, at last conquered that feeling, and, forgetting that he had come to perform a religious rite, he could no longer refrain from pledging him in return.
  • ritz I went round to the Ritz-Carlton t-night.
  • rot Shed your blood in my behalf, and, while you are young and robust, I will allow you just as much as will keep life and soul together; when you are old, and worn out, you may rob, hang, rot, or starve.
  • rut Here was Morton, almost in the front rank of his particular subject, and, besides, very far from being a bookworm; yet, when taken an inch out of his rut, he could do nothing but flounder.
  • sit Old Mary used to sit all day long in a high armchair, knitting, and with a black cat asleep on her lap.
  • wit Master Simon told me, afterwards, that the Queen of May was to have spoken a few verses which the schoolmaster had written for her; but that she had neither wit to understand, nor memory to recollect them.
  • writ Only, it did seem so purposeless, this writ of ejectment and violent expulsion, when he was quite ready to go, and wanted nothing but permission.
  • Cit August 31 was devoted to manifold duties, including the hurried packing of light baggage, for now the members of the three upper classes were to enjoy a month's leave of absence before the beginning of the academic year on October 1. Then, like a whirlwind mob, and clad in their "cit."
  • Git I vouldn't care vot you did-you could feed my own strikers, ven I git some at Eternal City.
  • It In the village Tom is doctor, and, when the cholera comes, he is assisted in bringing the village through it by this saintly schoolmistress, and a pious Major, and a fervid High Church parson.
  • Rita " Rita is right," said the old clergyman, solemnly.
  • RT Free Trade, protest against, from Canada, 39, 45; effects of, on Canada, 57-58. French Canadians, resent the Union Act, 23, 24; resent portions of Lord Durham's report, 23; increase of their influence, 31. G Garneau, 123. Gavazzi Riots, the, 125. Gladstone, Rt.
  • RIF Beyond El-Ksar the last hills of the Rif die away, and there is a stretch of wilderness without an outline till the Lesser Atlas begins to rise in the east.
  • HIT Pour hit in dah!
  • RIV Riv. Mere subterfuge!
  • ZIT Since I noo mwore do zee your feaece, Up steaeirs or down below, I'll zit me in the lwonesome pleaece, Where flat-bough'd beech do grow: Below the beeches' bough, my love, Where you did never come, An' I don't look to meet ye now, As I do look at hwome.

2 words made from the letters rit

3 letter words made from rit:

tri, rit.

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