How To Spell junior?

Correct spelling: junior

What is the definition of junior?

  1. Younger in years or practice.


the younger one
Junior as a boy's name is pronounced JOON-yer. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Junior is "the younger one". Occasionally used as a given name, though more usually the abbreviation Jr. is used with a full name when it is identical to a father's or grandfather's name.

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What are the translations for junior?

Arabic word for Junior


Chinese words for Junior

初, 年少, 初中, 资浅, 佐贰, 级别低的.

Dutch words for Junior

ondergeschikt, ondergeschikte, jonger, aankomend, mindere.

French words for Junior

subalterne, juniors.

German words for Junior

Lager, Junior, Juniorin, Jüngere.

Greek word for Junior


Italian words for Junior

subalterno, più giovane.

Japanese words for Junior

3回生, 年下, 三回生, さんかいせい, としした, 下級の.

Korean word for Junior


Norwegian word for Junior


Portuguese words for Junior

segundo, júnior.

Spanish words for Junior

menor, hijo, juvenil, de menor antigüedad, más joven.

Tamil word for Junior


Vietnamese word for Junior

cấp thấp.