How To Spell might?

Correct spelling: might

What is the definition of might?

  1. expresses possibility; "I could do it by myself"

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What are the usage examples for might?

  1. I might have expected as much.
  2. Or it might what?

What are the translations for might?

Chinese words for Might

威力, 威风, 威势, 威武.

French words for Might

force, puissance, être susceptible de.

German words for Might

Macht, könnten, Gewalt.

Italian words for Might

potrebbero, potrei, potresti.

Japanese words for Might

かもしれない, 強盛.

Javanese word for Might


Malay word for Might


Norwegian word for Might


Polish words for Might

mag, belki.

Portuguese words for Might

potência, força, domínio, talvez, forças.

Romanian word for Might

a fi posibil.

Russian word for Might


Spanish words for Might

poder, fuerza, facultad, potestad.

Swedish word for Might


Tamil word for Might