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grateful, welcome, appealing, abetted, unoffending, dreamy, pleasurable, agreeable, delightsome, inviting, satisfying, dulcet, acceptable, spotless, salubrious, decorous, sanctioned, endorsed, restorative, congenial, pleasant, pretty, attractive, unobjectionable, pleasing, encouraged, darling, innocuous, delicious, pure, relishable, delightful, likable, delectable, defending, savoury, blameless, respectable, alluring, healthy, healthful, euphemistic, savory, wholesome, en garde, felicitous, offenceless, approved, easy, creditable, good, inoffensive, correct, offenseless, antiaircraft, seemly, decent, blessed, nice, defensive, supported, perfect, luscious, becoming, commendable, exemplary, palatable, salutary, antitank, unexceptionable, sweet, gratifying, heavenly, proper, immaculate, enjoyable, antisubmarine, politically correct, promoted, desirable.

Usage examples for offensive:

  1. There had been no comparison whatever between the offensive means employed by the two parties in the struggle on the earth. - "Edison's Conquest of Mars", Garrett Putman Serviss.
  2. The idea of a wedding, although it was offensive by reason of being different from every day, was still quite pleasant. - "Gone to Earth", Mary Webb.
  3. At twelve o'clock the Germans occupied Artenay, and after half an hour's rest they renewed the offensive. - "The Franco-German War of 1870-71", Count Helmuth, von Moltke.