How To Spell opposition?

Correct spelling: opposition

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What is the definition of opposition?

  1. a contestant that you are matched against

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What are the translations for opposition?

Afrikaans word for Opposition


Arabic word for Opposition


Bengali word for Opposition

বিরোধী দল.

Chinese word for Opposition


Dutch words for Opposition

tegenstelling, weerstand, verzet, oppositie, tegenpartij, tegenstanders, tegenstand, tegenwerking, oppositiepartij, opponenten, tegenoverplaatsing, oppositiegroep, tegenoverstelling, tegenoverstand.

German words for Opposition

Widerstand, Einspruch, Widerspruch, Gegensatz, Opposition, Gegenseite, Gegner, Konkurrenz, Gegnerschaft, Einwand, Entgegensetzung, Gegenstellung, Gegenschein.

Greek word for Opposition


Italian word for Opposition


Japanese words for Opposition

野党, 反発, 対抗, 太刀打ち, 不要論, はんたいじんえい, 抗拒, てきたい, たいこう, たちうち, 抗抵, ふようろん, やとう, 反対陣営, ていこう, 衝, たいりつ, こうきょ.

Javanese word for Opposition


Malay word for Opposition


Norwegian word for Opposition


Polish word for Opposition


Russian words for Opposition

оппозиция, возражение, сопротивление, оппозиционный, противодействие, противопоставление.

Turkish word for Opposition


Vietnamese word for Opposition

sự chống đối.