How To Spell long?

Correct spelling: long

What does the abbreviation long mean?


Long as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Long is "tall".

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This graph shows how "long" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for long?

  1. wrong, strong, quang, kyong, song, mong, kong, sprong, gong, ong, hong, rong, thong, pong, jong, hmong, throng, cong, spong, yong, tong, aung, wong, prong, chong;
  2. prolong, along, belong, zedong, yearlong, luong, sarong, lifelong, phuong;
  3. vietcong;

What are the translations for long?

Afrikaans word for Long


Arabic word for Long


Bengali word for Long


Chinese words for Long

久, 悠久, 悠长, 长的.

Dutch words for Long

langdurig, langgerekt, onwaarschijnlijk, te ver.

French words for Long

vaste, long, longtemps, ver, longue, longuement, un long moment.

German words for Long

weit, Länge, lang, langwierig, länglich.

Greek word for Long


Hindi word for Long

लंबे समय.

Italian words for Long

grande, lungo, prolungato, allungata.

Japanese words for Long

ロング, 長, 長の, 長尺, なが, 永, 久しい, ひさしい, 長々, 永らく, 長長, 永の, ながの, ながなが, ながらく, ちょうじゃく.

Javanese word for Long


Portuguese words for Long

ampla, amplo, almejar, longo, muito tempo, cobiçar, lama, duradouro, vasta, comprido, alongado, arrastado, vagaroso.

Russian words for Long

долгосрочный, длительный, долгий, длинный, продолжительный.

Spanish words for Long

querer, largo, extenso, mucho, prolongado, demorado, vasto, ansiar, alargado, de largo, vastamente, por mucho tiempo, demorada.

Turkish word for Long


Vietnamese word for Long