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How To Spell motion?

Correct spelling: motion

List of misspellings for motion:

  • sumition,
  • meication,
  • monitior,
  • metin,
  • mathon,
  • otion,
  • nomiation,
  • buttion,
  • molin,
  • emation,
  • motin,
  • mossion,
  • camotion,
  • amotion,
  • morgon,
  • coution,
  • nurtion,
  • mountion,
  • motanna,
  • morrsion,
  • madsion,
  • miltion,
  • attion,
  • moatation,
  • tortion,
  • fomation,
  • amition,
  • cermuchon,
  • meotion,
  • montion,
  • hattion,
  • mikkion,
  • emaotion,
  • comosion,
  • memtion,
  • fition,
  • muzino,
  • montior,
  • motionin,
  • mtoion,
  • emmotion,
  • mountian,
  • limition,
  • moion,
  • mesion,
  • motiion,
  • mostion,
  • mosion,
  • mentioen,
  • oirtion,
  • metioned,
  • motern,
  • emoution,
  • sumation,
  • moutions,
  • emeotion,
  • emortion,
  • qution,
  • routione,
  • mucian,
  • tution,
  • musioc,
  • massion,
  • aetion,
  • imiation,
  • cemetion,
  • masion,
  • sition,
  • myedsion,
  • emotioan,
  • movin,
  • mothn,
  • metiond,
  • machion,
  • motio,
  • michian,
  • coertion,
  • mitchin,
  • emtion,
  • chosion,
  • movign,
  • mochachino,
  • metior,
  • kition,
  • magition,
  • loition,
  • mision,
  • mnetion,
  • douation,
  • stion,
  • metion,
  • moutian,
  • mation,
  • vition,
  • omittion,
  • demtion,
  • methon,
  • muntion,
  • musian,
  • motino.

What does the abbreviation motion mean?

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Balaji Motion Pictures is a fully owned subsidiary company of Balaji Telefilms Limited which is an Indian film production and distribution company established by Jeetendra. Based in Mumbai, it mainly produces and distributes Hindi films. Key people involved are Jeetendra's wife Shobha Kapoor and daughter Ekta Kapoor.

Black Motion

Musical group

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Motion Twin is an independent studio specializing in online video games. Founded in 2001, the company is a worker cooperative enterprise based in Bordeaux, France.

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Norwegian jazz singer

Solveig Slettahjell is a Norwegian Jazz singer, known for her soulful, seductive voice.

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Rhymes for motion:

  1. ocean, notion, potion, lotion, goshen;
  2. commotion, demotion, emotion, laotian, devotion, promotion;
  3. locomotion;

Translations for motion:

Afrikaans word for Motion


Bengali word for Motion


Chinese words for Motion

动作, 动态, 议案, 动议, 动力, 议题.

Dutch words for Motion

motie, resolutie.

French words for Motion

mouvement, moto.

German words for Motion

Thema, Antrag, Lauf, Vorschlag, Proposition, Bewegung, Motion, ein Zeichen geben, Geste, winken, Stuhlgang.

Greek word for Motion


Italian words for Motion

mozione, marcia.

Japanese words for Motion

モーション, 運動, 運転, 運行, うんどう, みぶり, うんこう, 身振, うんてん, 身ぶり.

Malay word for Motion


Norwegian word for Motion


Polish words for Motion

wniosek, ruch, ruchu.

Portuguese words for Motion

proposta, sinal, movimento, moção, andamento, movimentos.

Romanian word for Motion


Russian words for Motion

телодвижение, люфт, марионетка, испражнение.

Spanish words for Motion

solicitud, propuesta, demanda, marcha, movimiento, moción, gesto, mecanismo, ademán.

Turkish word for Motion


Ukrainian word for Motion


Vietnamese word for Motion

chuyển động.