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How To Spell plane?

Correct spelling: plane

Definition of plane:

  1. The plane tree.

List of misspellings for plane:

  • plannin,
  • apline,
  • plian,
  • plynth,
  • plannet,
  • planier,
  • plave,
  • pllaned,
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  • plean.

What does the abbreviation plane mean?

Related words for plane



Aircraft manufacturer

The Aeromarine Plane and Motor Company was an early American aircraft manufacturer founded by Inglis M. Upperçu which operated from 1914 to 1930. From 1928 to 1930 it was known as the Aeromarine-Klemm Corporation.

Alan Kulwicki plane crash


Aviation incident

On the evening of April 1, 1993, NASCAR driver Alan Kulwicki was killed in an aviation accident when the Swearingen Merlin III twin turboprop he was traveling on crashed near Blountville, Tennessee, while on approach to the nearby Tri-Cities Regional Airport.

Dead Plane


Album by No Age

Dead Plane is an EP released by Los Angeles-based band No Age on Los Angeles's Teenage Teardrops label. It was limited to 500 copies, and of those 500 copies pressed, 400 are blue vinyl and 100 on grey/beige swirl vinyl.

One Little Plane


Folk artist

One Little Plane is folk artist Kathryn Bint. Hailing from Chicago, Bint's music has been described as "gently wistful, dust-kicking psychedelia" and "dreamy heart warming folk" with "simple, heartfelt melodies".



Village in Scotland

Plean is a village, in the Stirling Council area of central Scotland, located on the main A9 road from Falkirk. At the 2001 census, Plean had a population of 1,740. Plean has some historic buildings, some council houses and an estate.

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Rhymes for plane:

  1. hussein, jain, pane, butane, dewayne, kane, constrain, kahane, mccain, moraine, maine, laine, hane, campaign, maclean, disdain, brain, lain, frane, train, romaine, domain, charmaine, grain, pertain, complain, retain, rogaine, ordain, ln, bain, thaine, vein, dayne, jane, frayne, restrain, caine, mcclain, crayne, frayn, devane, gain, blane, rayne, terrain, germaine, thane, lorraine, regain, fane, chain, sane, bahrain, duane, strain, refrain, mayne, raine, swayne, jayne, hussain, elaine, crain, sain, craine, payne, shayne, twain, laraine, lorain, arcane, bayne, elane, arraign, heyne, jermaine, spain, shane, charlayne, preordain, dain, swaine, slane, sustain, cheyne, detain, main, pain, kain, champagne, blayne, ayn, deign, romain, inane, spokane, germain, paine, ukraine, fraine, kaine, humane, duwayne, freyne, wain, mane, urbane, dwayne, charmain, reine, shaine, rein, slain, tremaine, reign, vain, mclean, feign, vane, blain, dane, insane, trane, duquesne, drain, fain, ingrain, stain, champaign, profane, iain, wayne, crane, draine, thayne, germane, lane, cocaine, kayne, zane, maintain, cane, swain, fein, cain, mundane, delaine, rain, elayne, bane, blaine, sylvain, loraine, remain, attain, obtain, plain, champlain, urbain, duan, contain, demain, explain, biscayne, aine, hain, fontaine, sprain, retrain, layne, wane;
  2. again, alaine, alayne, amain, abstain, alain, alane, allain;
  3. inhumane, entertain, aquitaine, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;

Translations for plane:

Bengali word for Plane


Chinese words for Plane

平面, 航班, 刨, 水平面, 班机, 刨子.

Dutch words for Plane

effen, toestel, vlak, plataan, vliegtuig, schaaf, vliegmachine.

French words for Plane

appareil, plat, avion, rabot, planes, raboter, piano, coucou, aéroplane, aéromobile.

German words for Plane

Plan, Niveau, planieren, Plane, gleiten, abrichten, segeln, Flugzeug, hobeln.

Italian words for Plane

velivolo, pialla.

Malay word for Plane


Norwegian word for Plane


Polish words for Plane

samolot, płaszczyzna.

Portuguese words for Plane

aéreo, aeronave, de avião, superfície horizontal, de aviação.

Russian words for Plane

плоскость, самолёт, рубанок, платан.

Spanish words for Plane

plano, nivel, nave, cepillo, cepillar, aeroplano, avioneta.

Swedish word for Plane