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How To Spell referee?

Correct spelling: referee

List of misspellings for referee:

  • refree,
  • refferred,
  • refrige,
  • perfere,
  • beforei,
  • referaal,
  • referen,
  • befreo,
  • refressh,
  • refurb,
  • referesher,
  • refraim,
  • reffree,
  • revery,
  • referell,
  • refferal,
  • referre,
  • referel,
  • refrase,
  • refeere,
  • referrl,
  • resere,
  • reinfore,
  • refrred,
  • refrral,
  • reforem,
  • reoffered,
  • befroe,
  • preffere,
  • refre,
  • refreash,
  • beefore,
  • referall,
  • referrell,
  • prefrer,
  • freerer,
  • referies,
  • refred,
  • refurrel,
  • refereee,
  • reinforer,
  • reitree,
  • refram,
  • therfere,
  • befeore,
  • resevre,
  • revereed,
  • reveriee,
  • beforewe,
  • referece,
  • refraze,
  • refered,
  • referce,
  • reaffrim,
  • offeree,
  • reenfore,
  • reeforce,
  • reiforce,
  • refeer,
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  • referesh,
  • lfree,
  • requere,
  • refersh,
  • befre,
  • preferr,
  • referrel,
  • befpre,
  • brefore,
  • refrane,
  • refee,
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  • referace,
  • tehrfore,
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  • refures,
  • brfore,
  • refrig,
  • prefure,
  • reffaree,
  • resevere,
  • referreal,
  • beforee,
  • refrees,
  • reffered,
  • referal,
  • reffereed,
  • referrig,
  • refored,
  • referin,
  • prefree,
  • refereral,
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  • refersher,
  • referr,
  • refeered,
  • referehce.

Related words for referee

António Garrido


Association football referee

António José da Silva Garrido, OIH was a Portuguese football referee.

Daniel Siebert


German association football referee

Daniel Siebert is a German football referee who is based in Berlin. He referees for FC Nordost Berlin of the Berlin Football Association. He is a FIFA referee, and is ranked as a UEFA second group referee.

Darren Cann


Association football referee

Darren Cann is an International and Premier League Assistant Referee best known for running the line in The UEFA Champions League Final and The World Cup Final.

David Allison


English referee

David B. Allison is an English former football referee, who operated in the English Football League and Premier League. During his time on the List he was based in Lancaster and was by profession a teacher.

Wang Di


Association football referee

Wang Di is a Chinese football referee. He has been a full international referee for FIFA from 2011 to 2017.

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Quotes for referee:

  1. Life is a game with many rules but no referee. One learns how to play it more by watching it than by consulting any book, including the holy book. Small wonder, then, that so many play dirty, that so few win, that so many lose.
  2. No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal.
  3. You don't notice the referee during the game unless he makes a bad call.
  4. I love what I'm doing. It's my life. When it's time to go, I'll probably be fighting to get out of the casket. I'll be yelling at the priest instead of a referee.
  5. You can't applaud a referee.

Rhymes for referee:

  1. jaycee, mea, ib, quai, nominee, tse, mcgee, xie, ged, cod, rosemarie, tennessee, ze, emcee, loree, rupee, enrollee, cyb, z, glee, lea, gee, sightsee, ne, foresee, see, she, quay, nestle, detainee, undersea, p, id, ranee, te, waikiki, bee, ddt, ti, whoopee, parolee, sheree, fi, bt, shi, lessee, deportee, enlistee, chee, we, snee, sri, ip, klee, resignee, flee, c, guarani, degree, oversea, slee, trainee, tree, retiree, rea, re, lee, njt, nie, sea, t, devotee, fee, bea, smee, xi, esprit, tee, ee, jie, inductee, pea, ot, plea, chablis, thee, hee, musee, zea, zee, gyi, v, flea, indri, vi, dea, key, lxi, shri, ab, pri, tea, mc, repartee, nee, mpg, escapee, mee, bbc, cac, henri, nic, g, nabil, prix, kyi, markee, sep, syp, the, thierry, chea, rb, ravi, draftee, dsv, de, mt, fop, capri, cd, eap, pattee, free, spie, louie, internee, bree, goatee, andree, gutsy, ye, tv, dupree, mme, blea, jubilee, ki, c3, marie, guarantee, b, pree, honoree, cree, yie, ski, disagree, sci, je, franchisee, mit, lsd, rosalee, potpourri, cat-3, qi, leigh, tenn, sze, appointee, cie, li, three, wee, ofc, pawnee, odp, conferee, kee, oad, banshee, yee, vendee, trustee, jee, m3, d, kea, marquis, atp, curie, be, mcghee, guaranty, jessee, he, bibi, fsi, licensee, apc, vee, valoree, cc, sie, se, me, crea, ree, khe, knee, lp, yippee, magee, spree, thi, si, ve, mi, nghi, ghee, qui, marquee, dundee, decree, lavie, ji, bui, yangtze, bourgeoisie, dee, cxc, tyree, brea, brie, designee, debris, yi;
  2. abee, albee, alee, ac, adee, achee, agree;
  3. adoree, adoptee, amputee, absentee, abt, amc, addressee;
  4. lapd, knbc, irit, geac, hnat, interviewee;
  5. awb;

Translations for referee:

Afrikaans word for Referee


Arabic word for Referee


Bengali word for Referee


Chinese word for Referee


Dutch words for Referee

arbiter, scheidsrechter.

French words for Referee

jugé, arbitre, arbitrer.

German words for Referee

arbiträr, Schiedsrichter.

Greek word for Referee


Italian word for Referee


Japanese word for Referee


Norwegian word for Referee


Portuguese words for Referee

referência, juiz, árbitro.

Romanian word for Referee


Russian word for Referee


Spanish words for Referee

árbitro, mediador, referí.

Swedish word for Referee


Turkish word for Referee


Ukrainian word for Referee