How To Spell referee?

Correct spelling: referee

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What are the quotes for referee?

  1. You don't notice the referee during the game unless he makes a bad call.
  2. You can't applaud a referee.
  3. The referee is going to be the most important person in the ring tonight besides the fighters.
  4. Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee.
  5. There's nothing better than a good, blind referee.

What are the rhymes for referee?

  1. jaycee, mea, ib, quai, nominee, tse, mcgee, xie, ged, cod, rosemarie, tennessee, ze, emcee, loree, rupee, enrollee, cyb, z, glee, lea, gee, sightsee, ne, foresee, see, she, quay, nestle, detainee, undersea, p, id, ranee, te, waikiki, bee, ddt, ti, whoopee, parolee, sheree, fi, bt, shi, lessee, deportee, enlistee, chee, we, snee, sri, ip, klee, resignee, flee, c, guarani, degree, oversea, slee, trainee, tree, retiree, rea, re, lee, njt, nie, sea, t, devotee, fee, bea, smee, xi, esprit, tee, ee, jie, inductee, pea, ot, plea, chablis, thee, hee, musee, zea, zee, gyi, v, flea, indri, vi, dea, key, lxi, shri, ab, pri, tea, mc, repartee, nee, mpg, escapee, mee, bbc, cac, henri, nic, g, nabil, prix, kyi, markee, sep, syp, the, thierry, chea, rb, ravi, draftee, dsv, de, mt, fop, capri, cd, eap, pattee, free, spie, louie, internee, bree, goatee, andree, gutsy, ye, tv, dupree, mme, blea, jubilee, ki, c3, marie, guarantee, b, pree, honoree, cree, yie, ski, disagree, sci, je, franchisee, mit, lsd, rosalee, potpourri, cat-3, qi, leigh, tenn, sze, appointee, cie, li, three, wee, ofc, pawnee, odp, conferee, kee, oad, banshee, yee, vendee, trustee, jee, m3, d, kea, marquis, atp, curie, be, mcghee, guaranty, jessee, he, bibi, fsi, licensee, apc, vee, valoree, cc, sie, se, me, crea, ree, khe, knee, lp, yippee, magee, spree, thi, si, ve, mi, nghi, ghee, qui, marquee, dundee, decree, lavie, ji, bui, yangtze, bourgeoisie, dee, cxc, tyree, brea, brie, designee, debris, yi;
  2. abee, albee, alee, ac, adee, achee, agree;
  3. adoree, adoptee, amputee, absentee, abt, amc, addressee;
  4. lapd, knbc, irit, geac, hnat, interviewee;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for referee?

Afrikaans word for Referee


Arabic word for Referee


Bengali word for Referee


Chinese word for Referee


Dutch words for Referee

arbiter, scheidsrechter.

French words for Referee

jugé, arbitre, arbitrer.

German words for Referee

arbiträr, Schiedsrichter.

Greek word for Referee


Italian word for Referee


Japanese word for Referee


Norwegian word for Referee


Portuguese words for Referee

referência, juiz, árbitro.

Romanian word for Referee


Russian word for Referee


Spanish words for Referee

árbitro, mediador, referí.

Swedish word for Referee


Turkish word for Referee


Ukrainian word for Referee