How To Spell trail?

Correct spelling: trail

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What does the abbreviation trail mean?


Trail as a boy's name. From the English word, giving connotations of the rugged outdoors, nature, and mountains.

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This graph shows how "trail" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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What are the translations for trail?

Afrikaans word for Trail


Arabic word for Trail


Chinese words for Trail

步道, 小径, 小道, 形迹, > 崎岖小路.

Dutch words for Trail

volgen, spoor, slepen, sjokken, wandelpad.

French words for Trail

suivre, trace, circuit, pister, chemin, sentier.

German words for Trail

Weg, Folgen, verfolgen, Strecke, Spur, Nachlauf, Piste, Pfad, nachziehen, Wanderweg, ranken, hinter sich herschleifen, Parcours, Kriechen, Pad, nachschleppen, Trampelpfad, Wildwechsel, Nachlaufstrecke, Treck.

Italian words for Trail

percorso, traccia, strascicare, tracciato, sentiero, scia, essere sulle tracce di, strisciare.

Japanese word for Trail


Javanese word for Trail


Malay word for Trail


Marathi word for Trail


Norwegian word for Trail


Polish words for Trail

szlak, trasa, ścieżka, tropić, iż, zwieszać się, wlec się.

Portuguese words for Trail

trilha, caminho, arrastar, pegada, trilho, itinerário, trajeto, percurso, rasto, trajecto, ficar para trás.

Romanian words for Trail

traseu, pistă.

Russian word for Trail


Spanish words for Trail

pista, ruta, huella, trayectoria, rastro, rastrear, camino, sendero, recorrido, circuito, trayecto, fuga, arrastrarse, estela, reguero, rezagarse, seguir el rastro de /de, seguir de cerca, senda, tía, vereda, trocha, quedarse atrás, ir a la zaga.