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What are the rhymes for trick?

  1. pick, wik, mick, hick, mic, schtick, dyk, crick, knick, thick, bric, flick, klick, mc, quick, tick, kick, pic, dick, vik, pik, cwik, strick, nic, frick, lick, quik, ric, bic, brick, chick, rick, dic, schick, wyk, shick, nick, shtick, wick, slick, wicke, nik, click, sick, tic, vick, stick, glick, sic, vic;
  2. nonstick, handpick;
  3. realpolitik;

What are the translations for trick?

Afrikaans word for Trick


Arabic word for Trick


Chinese words for Trick

窍门, 手法, 一招, 花招, 诀窍, 手脚, 骗术, 圈套, 受骗, 障眼法, 策谋, 猫腻.

Dutch words for Trick

streek, scherzo, kunstje, handigheid, kunstgreep, foefje.

French words for Trick

avoir, combine, rouler, astuce, tromper, fraude, abuser, rusé, blague, duper, truc, leurre, truqué, cautèle, artifice, leurrer, supercherie, imbroglio.

German words for Trick

Fälle, Kunstgriff, Kunst, Clou, Dressur, Streich, Masche, Dreh, reinlegen, Kniff, Trick, Stich, hereinlegen, List, Tour, Ulk, beschwindeln, Winkelzug, Taschenspielertrick, Finte, austricksen, Stunt.

Italian words for Trick

trucco, inganno, stratagemma, astuzia, accorgimento, escamotage.

Japanese words for Trick

トリック, コツ, 填め込む, 手口, 機巧, さぎ, 掠める, 策略, まんちゃくしゅだん, ぼうりゃく, 瞞着手段, 誑かす, 奸計, 術計, 狂言, あっけい, 詭謀, 姦計, たぶらかす, 絡繰り, 計略, ひとしばい, 瞞す, さいく, かんけい, 悪戯, 詭策, てぐち, きこう, からくり, はめこむ, 一芝居, けいりゃく, 謀略.

Malay word for Trick


Norwegian word for Trick


Polish words for Trick

sztuczka, trik.

Portuguese words for Trick

habilidade, brincadeira, iludir, armadilha, artifício, capcioso, manobra, ludibriar, travessura, ardil, artimanha, ilusão, segredo, ludíbrio.

Russian words for Trick

трюк, выходка, подвох, фишка, прикол.

Spanish words for Trick

ardid, cliente, engañar, engaño, embuste, truco, trampa, jugarreta, baza, broma, timo, seducir, capciosa, burla, treta.

Turkish word for Trick


Vietnamese word for Trick

trò bịp bợm.