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Correct spelling: values

Common misspellings for values:

valious, valuves, calues, valuse.


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This graph shows how "values" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for values:

  1. I will always support legislation which respects and values life.
  2. You talk about the values that you have whether they're in favor or not in favor. That's how you lead. The reality is, we're losing more and more elections.
  3. Hypocrisy is a value that I think has been embraced by the Republican Party. We get lectured by people all day long about moral values by people who have their own moral shortcomings.
  4. You have to have pace, you have to have high production values, you have to have interesting graphics, and you have to have attractive people. CNN could afford not to be so obedient to those commands, and for a long time, it wasn't.
  5. The observant Jew has his own sense of values. Torah Judaism is his blueprint for this life, his target for existence.