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How To Spell review?

Correct spelling: review

List of misspellings for review:

  • revie,
  • bayview,
  • resvior,
  • preveiew,
  • reieve,
  • revued,
  • revierw,
  • rriver,
  • revivew,
  • reveiew,
  • refief,
  • resview,
  • rfever,
  • perview,
  • rervise,
  • resivor,
  • reveue,
  • reviwe,
  • rever,
  • recivie,
  • recevie,
  • theview,
  • revve,
  • rewview,
  • rev'it,
  • beivie,
  • reviewthe,
  • revview,
  • rivew,
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  • revew,
  • resovior,
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  • reviws.

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This graph shows how "review" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for review:

  1. ewe, knew, loo, skew, pou, mu, hsu, coo, phew, qu, cou, pooh, cue, pu, gu, due, flu, glue, ou, pew, two, vue, crewe, yu, queue, ku, woo, chou, view, soo, zoo, kyu, shu, jew, sue, grew, crew, zhu, glew, hew, hou, pru, su, drew, nu, gue, coups, threw, rue, u, coup, doo, flew, through, clue, liu, kew, mew, slew, vu, hue, hu, blew, you, fu, boo, jue, pugh, thru, gnu, stu, few, shrew, phu, whew, xu, sioux, lue, bleu, goo, foo, dru, lu, tu, du, zue, lieu, chiu, uwe, wu, stew, hugh, flue, hewe, dew, too, trew, thew, ju, rew, spew, que, do, siew, chew, koo, yue, ru, new, who, true, joo, yew, tue, xue, q, beu, screw, hoo, yoo, zhou, blue, douwe, poo, shew, ooh, prue, leu, shoo, tew, lew, brew, thuy, strew, chu, shoe, moo, lou;
  2. construe, peru, outgrew, anew, outdo, taboo, redo, askew, perdue, bamboo, tatu, cebu, imbue, leroux, tattoo, larue, abou, subdue, c2, wahoo, ragu, adieu, fondue, withdrew, revue, untrue, kwangju, undue, ensue, into, canoe, mchugh, ague, unglue, m2, shampoo, cat-2, liou, eschew, fitzhugh, renew, debut, kazoo, purdue, miscue, zanu, reto, undo, babu, ado, accrue, urdu, baku, pursue;
  3. hitherto, misconstrue, depardieu, isu, overdo, overdue, byu, timbuktu, iou, suu, overthrew, katmandu, kangaroo;
  4. kalamazoo, hullabaloo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for review:

Arabic word for Review


Bengali word for Review


Dutch words for Review

overzicht, toetsing, recensie, beoordeling, herziening, evaluatie, heroverweging, herzieningsprocedure.

French words for Review

bilan, examiner, analyser, contrôle, repasser, revoir, critiquer, historique, relire, rêver, critique, informé, réexamen.

German words for Review

Betrachtung, Überprüfung, Review, Rezension, Bewertung, Durchsicht, Bericht, Rückblick, Kritik, überprüfen, besprechen, rezensieren, nochmals durchsehen, inspizieren, Prüfung, Kontrolle, Überblick, Besprechung, Übersicht, Revision, Begutachtung, Überarbeitung, Untersuchung, Rückschau, Revue, Nachprüfung, Rundschau, Literaturübersicht, Parade, Heerschau, Lagebesprechung, überarbeiten, durchsehen, nachprüfen, überblicken, kritisieren, Examen, Analyse.

Greek word for Review


Italian words for Review

riesame, rivista, revisione, esame, rassegna, recensione.

Japanese words for Review

レビュー, 見直し, 審査, 再検討, 講評, 批評, レヴュー, 再吟味, おさらい, 御浚い, さいけんとう, お浚い, 振り返す, 顧みる, こうひょう, 顧る, 調べ直す, ふりかえす, ひひょう, 省みる, しらべなおす, 調べなおす, さらい, 温習う, 温習, かえりみる, おんしゅう, さいぎんみ, しんさ.

Korean word for Review

비평 기사.

Malay word for Review

Kajian semula.

Marathi word for Review

पुनरावलोकन करा.

Norwegian word for Review


Polish words for Review

ocena, kontrola, opinia, przegląd, weryfikacja, recenzja.

Portuguese words for Review

revisão, avaliação, resenha, analisar, resumo, fiscalizar, criticar, exame, relatório, inspeção, recensão, correção, inspecionar.

Russian words for Review

обзор, рецензия, обозрение, парад, повторение материала.

Spanish words for Review

repasar, reevaluar, reexaminar, examinar, revisión, reseña, de revisión, revisar, analizar, evaluar, reseñar, control, estudio, estudiar, comprobar, verificar, consultar, resumen, revista, historial, retrospectiva, repaso, verificación, reconsideración, de evaluación, hacer la crítica de.

Swedish word for Review


Turkish word for Review

gözden geçirmek.

Vietnamese word for Review

bài nhận xét.