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How To Spell situation?

Correct spelling: situation

List of misspellings for situation:

  • situatioins,
  • situaion,
  • satueration,
  • stiuation,
  • sistuition,
  • satruation,
  • situtional,
  • situatiosn,
  • sisation,
  • hesistation,
  • situtions,
  • titation,
  • situion,
  • soultion,
  • suatuion,
  • satation,
  • suituations,
  • siituation,
  • situatiion,
  • circuation,
  • sisutation,
  • staguation,
  • resitution,
  • statios,
  • sediation,
  • stitution,
  • sitituation,
  • suitition,
  • sitiaution,
  • visititation,
  • situaltion,
  • satifation,
  • settion,
  • sitruation,
  • stopmotion,
  • sitouation,
  • stattion,
  • situaiotn,
  • tutation,
  • stimation,
  • situatsion,
  • citaion,
  • sitchuation,
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  • duartion,
  • citatiion,
  • staturation,
  • sitution.

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Dirty Situation

Love Situation

Real Situation Saturday


TV show

Real Situation Saturday was a Korean variety show shown on the SBS network. Many popular programs have aired on this Saturday line-up, including X-Man and Real Romance Love Letter, dominating Saturday evening ratings for a long time.

Situation Hot


Album by Arabian Prince

Situation Hot is actually a re-release of Arabian Prince's earlier singles from the days before N.W.A. It was released on cassette in 1990, then re-packaged as Greatest Hits on CD in 1998 with a slightly expanded track list.

The Situation


2007 film

The Situation is a 2006 film directed by Philip Haas and starring Connie Nielsen. It was produced by Liaquat Ahamed, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

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Quotes for situation:

  1. I love being onstage and I love to perform. To be honest with you, I'm more comfortable performing than I am in an everyday situation, which I can't quite explain.
  2. Now we are in a situation in which for a significant part of the industrial world too much could become a danger, especially too much of the things which are really not good for us in such large quantities.
  3. To pay 60 musicians for rehearsal and performance is quite something, and I decided I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of situation financially again, unless somebody else was taking care of that end of it.
  4. You need a graphic understanding of a situation to make a complete judgment and we didn't have that.
  5. Humour is the weapon of unarmed people: it helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them.

Rhymes for situation:

  1. decontamination, differentiation, combination, subluxation, electrification, recitation, congratulation, protestation, appellation, sanitation, personification, deregulation, valuation, criminalization, discrimination, recalculation, intoxication, indexation, germination, amputation, annihilation, mutilation, affectation, miscreation, incantation, evaluation, inflation, categorization, respiration, speculation, nullification, ornamentation, condensation, denomination, generation, libration, detoxification, desiccation, falsification, coloration, rejuvenation, federation, reiteration, exhilaration, donation, agglomeration, stipulation, fascination, ejaculation, orientation, dissemination, restoration, reservation, amelioration, fragmentation, consolation, mitigation, escalation, stagflation, reunification, instigation, altercation, equivocation, declaration, revocation, aviation, habitation, repatriation, deviation, malformation, refrigeration, profanation, reorganization, calibration, nitration, contemplation, decentralization, cogitation, compilation, starvation, dehydration, globalization, sanctification, destination, connotation, hesitation, organisation, reparation, association, creation, gratification, formulation, optimization, preservation, narration, invocation, justification, exaggeration, initiation, duplication, vaporization, participation, menstruation, extermination, hydrogenation, decoration, dissipation, obfuscation, equalization, fixation, depravation, desegregation, pasteurization, navigation, desperation, predestination, inactivation, location, vacation, adulation, contamination, interpretation, degradation, impersonation, triangulation, affiliation, frustration, vacillation, dehumanization, accumulation, deforestation, rectification, regeneration, reevaluation, annotation, deportation, investigation, disorganization, recreation, hallucination, confederation, medication, deformation, quotation, appalachian, coronation, perpetuation, obligation, confiscation, confrontation, personalization, exfoliation, balkanization, reexamination, remediation, enumeration, implication, imputation, irritation, simplification, sarmatian, privatisation, miscalculation, compensation, divination, reaffirmation, arbitration, dissertation, graduation, pollination, dalmatian, affrication, magnification, prefabrication, exoneration, unionization, radiation, improvisation, foundation, incrustation, suffocation, transillumination, hibernation, incorporation, interrogation, segregation, innovation, depopulation, inhalation, hyperinflation, suburbanization, molestation, insubordination, indication, disintegration, centralization, equitation, demobilization, consideration, legalization, negation, violation, intonation, nondiscrimination, evaporation, granulation, gyration, exclamation, democratization, mummification, desecration, variation, preparation, oscillation, ossification, securitization, gasification, illumination, crustacean, consternation, explanation, misinformation, insemination, vilification, irrigation, evocation, explication, observation, incarceration, stalinization, exhumation, formation, coordination, infatuation, substantiation, strangulation, alteration, hospitalization, foliation, maximization, confabulation, horatian, nonproliferation, russification, miniaturization, fumigation, jubilation, capitulation, disorientation, popularization, augmentation, classification, reforestation, invitation, amalgamation, taxation, implantation, designation, socialization, consecration, renunciation, regimentation, authorization, articulation, manipulation, misinterpretation, insinuation, notification, infiltration, disinclination, evacuation, gestation, vulgarization, irradiation, edification, misapplication, reinterpretation, recommendation, intensification, cremation, dedication, intimation, gastrulation, dictation, renegotiation, information, filtration, stagnation, concentration, adjudication, recantation, migration, sensation, denationalization, rededication, communization, application, dilatation, dissociation, magnetization, lactation, segmentation, repudiation, examination, admiration, expatriation, ramification, trepidation, laceration, dilation, incapacitation, indentation, punctuation, recuperation, impregnation, misappropriation, reconfiguration, pagination, desolation, disembarkation, saponification, provocation, assassination, excavation, mobilization, inclination, affirmation, modernization, flirtation, dramatization, infestation, assimilation, pigmentation, estimation, indignation, exploitation, invalidation, nationalization, procrastination, amplification, conservation, publication, animation, revitalization, insulation, prognostication, croatian, approximation, constellation, integration, domestication, gravitation, consultation, installation, gentrification, ionization, registration, stabilization, resuscitation, duration, ovation, marginalization, inhabitation, simulation, ligation, demonization, constipation, distillation, harmonization, appreciation, purification, computerization, dislocation, reflation, convocation, civilization, incubation, incarnation, desalinization, tabulation, permutation, conciliation, disputation, organization, reincarnation, validation, facilitation, avocation, meditation, ovulation, depredation, mutation, alleviation, figuration, redecoration, approbation, retaliation, modulation, appropriation, plantation, indemnification, fertilization, westernization, flotation, notation, presentation, solicitation, continuation, liberation, toleration, privation, mechanization, demarcation, masturbation, inauguration, expropriation, isolation, intimidation, disinflation, deprivation, retardation, conjugation, manifestation, sterilization, echolocation, limitation, excommunication, discontinuation, automation, authentication, undervaluation, representation, privatization, glorification, quantification, pacification, termination, amortization, preoccupation, eradication, rehabilitation, levitation, precipitation, fabrication, occupation, clarification, emigration, industrialization, elongation, fibrillation, naturalization, miscommunication, hybridization, reverberation, ostentation, perturbation, cohabitation, reconsideration, orchestration, exasperation, remuneration, ministration, fluoridation, population, conflagration, pontification, emulation, relaxation, pressurization, advocation, exacerbation, monopolization, motivation, misidentification, deflation, miseration, elevation, degeneration, denunciation, oration, tribulation, argumentation, computation, renovation, illustration, proliferation, vibration, reallocation, incrimination, fortification, agitation, importation, rumination, stimulation, imitation, summation, detonation, regulation, delineation, relation, depreciation, sequestration, backwardation, defamation, origination, reinvigoration, specialization, nomination, inspiration, inoculation, transplantation, subsidization, reclassification, cancellation, corroboration, deceleration, condemnation, aspiration, probation, proclamation, glaciation, reformation, verification, consolidation, procreation, characterization, adaptation, multiplication, usurpation, embarkation, commendation, emancipation, imagination, liquidation, ordination, relocation, propagation, rehydration, visualization, identification, self-congratulation, domination, devaluation, demodulation, expectation, qualification, normalization, resignation, certification, congregation, palpitation, revaluation, aggravation, fermentation, codification, transportation, elation, exhalation, lubrication, sedimentation, politicization, misrepresentation, salvation, urbanization, vindication, premeditation, documentation, transformation, legislation, communication, pronunciation, derivation, visitation, revelation, decertification, cooperation, vocation, conversation, incoordination, fluctuation, exhortation, perspiration, prostration, telecommunication, perforation, victimization, temptation, proration, polarization, extrapolation, rationalization, colonization, renomination, determination, instrumentation, separation, modification, damnation, oxidation, generalization, humiliation, consummation, specification, expiration, ratification, conglomeration, discoloration, optation, annexation, saturation, dispensation, cultivation, inundation, configuration, disqualification, reauthorization, education, concatenation, hydration, corp, translation, machination, utilization, indoctrination, reconfirmation, emanation, recrimination, operation, replication, standardization, exploration, elimination, deification, localization, ventilation, excitation, demonstration, realization, celebration, sedation, deliberation, syndication, decapitation, desalination, corporation, collectivization, allocation, reconciliation, calculation, delegation, elaboration, culmination, anticipation, experimentation, reclamation, bifurcation, nucleation, mineralization, vaccination, liberalization, refutation, devastation, coagulation, demoralization, overvaluation, commercialization, disinformation, allegation, negotiation, recertification, mediation, moderation, gradation, inflammation, overpopulation, maturation, commemoration, rotation, litigation, reputation, confirmation, adoration, implementation, destabilization, neutralization, collaboration, titillation, diversification, complication, immunization, correlation, reaffiliation, sophistication, unification, subordination, immigration, christianization, vegetation, alienation;
  2. nation, station, ration, haitian;
  3. alsatian, causation, citation, cetacean, cessation, castration, carnation;
  4. aberration, activation, abdication, acclimation, accusation, abrogation;
  5. accommodation, abomination, acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, capitalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for situation:

Afrikaans word for Situation


Bengali word for Situation


Chinese words for Situation

情, 局, 事态, 情形, 情势, 状态, 情境, 势态, 态势, 场合, 气候, 势头, 情状, 阵势.

Dutch words for Situation

toestand, probleem, situatie.

German words for Situation

Sachverhalt, Stand, Anstellung, Zustand, Lage, Stelle, Position, Situation, Lebenslage, Sachlage.

Greek word for Situation


Italian word for Situation


Japanese words for Situation

こと, 場合, 情勢, シチュエーション, 事, 格好, 情況, 様, 時局, 位地, ばあい, こん, むき, ようたい, 仕儀, じたい, 雲行き, 塩梅, はたらきぐち, くうき, きょく, くもゆき, きょくめん, 旗色, 恰好, ばわい, はたいろ, たいよう, 体様, 態様, 按配, 状勢, 様態, けいせい.

Javanese word for Situation


Malay word for Situation


Norwegian word for Situation


Polish words for Situation

sprawa, sytuacja, stan.

Portuguese word for Situation


Spanish words for Situation

contexto, emplazamiento, entorno, estado, caso, hecho, circunstancia, coyuntura.

Tamil word for Situation


Turkish word for Situation


Ukrainian word for Situation