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How To Spell sway?

Correct spelling: sway

Definition of sway:

  1. pitching dangerously to one side

List of misspellings for sway:

  • slowiy,
  • sweap,
  • saay,
  • seay,
  • segueway,
  • swave,
  • thiswar,
  • ywar,
  • awaay,
  • sfae,
  • awayy,
  • swaop,
  • swasea,
  • swayd,
  • hyway,
  • saavy,
  • leiway,
  • swaure,
  • sswear,
  • ppway,
  • wsays,
  • segway,
  • aweay,
  • syay,
  • swhy,
  • passaway,
  • vwey,
  • suday,
  • swalow,
  • swayne,
  • faway,
  • siwan,
  • sunway,
  • swarl,
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  • stay,
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  • savay.

What does the abbreviation sway mean?


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Shuhei Nogae

American rapper

Sway Clarke II



Sway Clarke is a Toronto born, Berlin based singer/songwriter. Upon his introduction, his music was compared to Frank Ocean, Lorde, Miguel, The Weeknd, Mikky Ekko and Coldplay.

Sway railway station


Railway station

Sway railway station is a railway station serving the village of Sway in Hampshire, England. It is located on the South Western Main Line from London Waterloo to Weymouth.

Sway Sway Baby!

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This graph shows how "sway" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for sway:

  1. re, ney, gway, rey, bray, they, day, drey, fe, hay, kay, brey, trey, quay, spray, may, jaye, yea, whey, frey, prey, cay, shea, mey, maye, dray, raye, stray, faye, waye, sleigh, pray, pay, se, jay, k, che, way, stay, j, sta, ne, tray, klay, de, gray, mei, khe, say, shay, daye, ay, play, clay, bey, nej, ley, fey, saye, pei, haye, dey, fay, flay, jae, graye, hwe, gaye, slay, tae, lait, neigh, grey, wray, ca, nay, wey, rae, fray, dae, paye, ae, bay, lay, blay, weigh, hey, ray, yay, vey, mae, wei, lei, wy, cray, brae, quai, sze, kaye, tay;
  2. ga, dismay, jose, mcveigh, saute, fillet, cache, bombay, essay, mackay, hervey, cafe, valet, okay, souffle, filet, halfway, today, macrae, nisei, portray, hooray, ballet, away, convey, belay, soiree, mckay, obey, sorbet, nikkei, display, carre, passe, astray, array, mccrea, manet, asay, parquet, chalet, da, allay, dk, rene, b-j, o'shea, sergei, hurray, ha, decay, bouquet, moray, croquet, purvey, ole, risque, crochet, abbe, repay, oj, ek, gervais, monet, replay, dossier, olay, calais, beauvais, puree, cliche, millay, prepay, levey, toupee, delay, defray, orsay, betray, buffet, survey, delray, renee, cathay, beret;
  3. monterey, bua, monterrey, jna, attache, underplay, piaget, chevrolet, overstay, uva, dak, underway, cabernet, fiance, ira, cabaret, lyonnais, disobey, ita, disarray, bta, bouvier, cea, faberge, ekk, intraday, overplay, aaa, perrier;
  4. cabriolet, hiaa, communique, asea, ceta, noaa, naivete, foia;
  5. waga;

Translations for sway:

Afrikaans word for Sway


Arabic word for Sway


Bengali word for Sway


Dutch words for Sway

druk, slingeren, beheersen, zwaaien, schommelen, invloed, wankelen, heerschappij, regeren, neiging, zwieren, slingering, schommeling, zwaai, zwier, overwicht, doen wankelen, doen overhellen, doen zwaaien, overhellen, doen wiegen, zwiepen.

French words for Sway

influencer, emprise, influence, balancer, balancement, domination, tituber, se balancer, tanguer, osciller, vaciller, chanceler, oscillation, roulis.

German words for Sway

Einfluss, beeinflussen, Macht, schwanken, wiegen, Herrschaft, leiden, Schwung, beherrschen, schwenken, schaukeln, Schwingen, sich wiegen, wanken, taumeln.

Greek word for Sway


Italian word for Sway


Javanese word for Sway


Korean word for Sway

전후(좌우)로 흔들리다.

Malay word for Sway


Norwegian word for Sway


Polish word for Sway

zakołysać (się).

Portuguese word for Sway


Romanian word for Sway

a se balansa.

Spanish words for Sway

influencia, poder, influenciar, oscilar, balancearse, balanceo, mecerse, dominio, tambalearse, vaivén, influjo, bambolearse, imponerse, tambaleo, influir sobre.

Swedish word for Sway


Tamil word for Sway


Turkish word for Sway


Vietnamese word for Sway

đu đưa.