How To Spell trust?

Correct spelling: trust

What is the definition of trust?

  1. To confer a trust upon; "The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret"; "I commit my soul to God"

What does the abbreviation trust mean?

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What are the translations for trust?

Bengali word for Trust


Chinese words for Trust

信任, 互信, 信靠, 托管, 委托, 凭信.

Dutch words for Trust

vertrouwen, toevertrouwen, geloof.

French words for Trust

confiance, fiducie, fondation, faire confiance, croire, croyance, foi, confier, fidéicommis.

German words for Trust

Konzern, Aufbewahrung, Verwahrung, glauben, vertrauen, hoffen, Trust, Treuhandgesellschaft, Kartell, trauen, Vertrauen schenken, Treuhand, Ring, Treuhandverhältnis, Syndikat, Tillit.

Greek word for Trust


Italian words for Trust

fiducia, fede, confidenza, credibilità.

Japanese words for Trust

信託, 信頼, 信頼感, トラスト, 信任, 心を許す, こころをゆるす, 憑み, しんらい, いにん, しんらいかん.

Javanese word for Trust


Korean word for Trust


Malay word for Trust


Polish words for Trust

zaufanie, ufność.

Portuguese words for Trust

fundo, confiança, truste, confiabilidade, fiabilidade, cuidados, fiduciário, fé, fideicomisso, consórcio, acreditar em, confiar em, crer em.

Russian words for Trust

фонд, доверие, трастовый, трест.

Spanish words for Trust

confiar, confianza, fideicomiso, fundación, confiar en algo/, esperar, fiabilidad, fondo, encargo, confidencialidad, patronato.

Swedish word for Trust