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victimize, fall back on, implementation, go toward, christen. discriminate, prey on, exploitation, persecute, draw on, value, exploit, consume. adoption, actuate. bring in, abuse, presume, manage. wear. profit, impose. run. wrong. make use of. advantage, denotation, practise, name, part, habit, fitness, deal, office, commit, exploit, delectation, habituate, wear, enjoyment, theatrical role, engagement, expenditure, usefulness, approval, pulmonary tuberculosis, utilisation, baptize, energize, expend, used, hire, permission, prey on, spend, manipulation, verbalize, speak, economic consumption, give, physical exertion, recitation, actuate, make use of, significance, intake, work, exploitation, lace, accustom, aim, authorization, exemption, worth, engross, mathematical function, character, role, mainline, persecute, practice session, consume, occasion, affair, control, treatment, fall back on, suitability, discriminate, address, presume, excellence, say, mistreat, run, usance, convenience, use of goods and services, workout, sanction, value, handling, example, exercising, appliance, flash, enunciate, procedure, adoption, physical exercise, christen, drill, trample, coax, method, persona, performance, substance abuse, put on, purpose, crank, subtext, resolution, utilise, ingestion, routine, realization, drop, draw on, using up, implementation, management, hold, intent, technique, oppress, talk, subprogram, white plague, go for, eject, wrong, phthisis, meaning, custom, intention, sense, wasting disease, dispensation, subroutine, enforce, mapping, clearance, drug abuse, substance, abuse, wont, lend oneself, use up, aid, connotation, communicate, engage, DO, victimize, impose, neglect, flick, determination, leave, merit, consent, activate, utter, thrust, authority, call, map, design, uptake, manage, consumption, rehearse, profit. treatment, exemption, realization, leave, performance, control, appliance, authority, method, permission, technique, resolution, management, sanction, dispensation, disuse, clearance, adoption, consent, neglect, approval, authorization. coax, activate, profit, value, merit, suitability, flash, worth, fitness, flick, aid, eject, crank, usefulness, advantage, excellence, convenience, energize. say, address, enunciate, talk, actuate, speak, verbalize, exploit, used, utter, communicate. consume, draw on, run, fall back on, bring in, go toward, manage. presume, baptize, impose, answer to, abuse, go by, number off, name, call after, name after, christen. exploitation, implementation, wear. mistreat, wrong, persecute, trample, prey on, victimize, oppress, discriminate. deal, jack up, mainline, o.d., lace, come down. denotation, thrust, sense, significance, subtext, substance, meaning, connotation. employment, usage, operation, usefulness, application, utilization, function, conduct, service, practice, utility, exercise, exertion. convenience, operation, habit, custom, purpose, appliance, utility, fitness, profit, call, worth, advantage, wont, practice, occasion, exercising, exercise, value, exertion, usefulness, treatment, usage, adoption, service, handling. occasion. expenditure. sense. utility. wont, habituate, utilisation, manipulation, usance, expend, consumption, employ, purpose, use of goods and services, utilize, utilise, practice, utilization, function, habit, enjoyment, apply, exercise, role, economic consumption, employment. effect, serve, exert, implement, utilize, operate, employ, apply. advantage. facilitate. employ, spend, manage, utilize, apply, draw on, exploit, control, run, operate, work, exert, expend.

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This graph shows how "use" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for use:

  1. " No, I don't," he said, " but I can't go now, and so there's no use talking." – Shadow Mountain by Dane Coolidge
  2. I s'pose I better use 'em all. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  3. No, it would be of no use – Jacqueline, Complete by (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon Last Updated: March 3, 2009

Rhymes for use:

  1. loose, hews, luiz, produce, reuse, hues, mews, goose, mousse, tattoos, moos, soos, seuss, hughes, loos, kruse, reviews, infuse, ooze, glues, spruce, fuse, bruise, dews, cruz, goos, cues, tewes, clews, defuse, ewes, dues, truce, boose, noose, deuce, duce, zeus, stews, meuse, muse, snooze, suffuse, refuse, coups, lose, recuse, boos, transfuse, joos, luce, renews, cruse, news, taboos, whose, miscues, druse, cruise, kuse, twos, brews, luse, screws, spews, views, trues, peruse, foos, pursues, profuse, shrews, obtuse, woos, coos, revues, jews, koos, moose, sues, queues, ques, confuse, disuse, enthuse, schmooze, skews, juice, toulouse, druze, recluse, seduce, bruce, reduce, blues, pews, ensues, tews, booze, excuse, clues, mewes, ruse, who's, oohs, crews, choose, buse, canoes, shoes, chuse, drews, sluice, sous, roos, misuse, induce;
  2. deduce, adduce, amuse, accuse, abuse, accrues, caboose, diffuse, abstruse, bemuse;
  3. overuse, reproduce, introduce, kangaroos, disabuse;
  4. reintroduce, overproduce;