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How To Spell use?

Correct spelling: use

List of misspellings for use:

  • easear,
  • usy,
  • asier,
  • ush,
  • suse,
  • enuse,
  • asume,
  • vouse,
  • luse,
  • oused,
  • useall,
  • asthe,
  • ousite,
  • owrse,
  • cuse,
  • ise,
  • wse,
  • useda,
  • usi,
  • musie,
  • ausome,
  • ouset,
  • usp,
  • inuse,
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  • ust,
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  • uesd,
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  • buser,
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  • usser.

What does the abbreviation use mean?

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This graph shows how "use" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for use:

  1. " No, I don't," he said, " but I can't go now, and so there's no use talking." – Shadow Mountain by Dane Coolidge
  2. I s'pose I better use 'em all. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  3. No, it would be of no use – Jacqueline, Complete by (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon Last Updated: March 3, 2009

Rhymes for use:

  1. loose, hews, luiz, produce, reuse, hues, mews, goose, mousse, tattoos, moos, soos, seuss, hughes, loos, kruse, reviews, infuse, ooze, glues, spruce, fuse, bruise, dews, cruz, goos, cues, tewes, clews, defuse, ewes, dues, truce, boose, noose, deuce, duce, zeus, stews, meuse, muse, snooze, suffuse, refuse, coups, lose, recuse, boos, transfuse, joos, luce, renews, cruse, news, taboos, whose, miscues, druse, cruise, kuse, twos, brews, luse, screws, spews, views, trues, peruse, foos, pursues, profuse, shrews, obtuse, woos, coos, revues, jews, koos, moose, sues, queues, ques, confuse, disuse, enthuse, schmooze, skews, juice, toulouse, druze, recluse, seduce, bruce, reduce, blues, pews, ensues, tews, booze, excuse, clues, mewes, ruse, who's, oohs, crews, choose, buse, canoes, shoes, chuse, drews, sluice, sous, roos, misuse, induce;
  2. deduce, adduce, amuse, accuse, abuse, accrues, caboose, diffuse, abstruse, bemuse;
  3. overuse, reproduce, introduce, kangaroos, disabuse;
  4. reintroduce, overproduce;

Translations for use:

Arabic word for Use


Chinese words for Use

用, 使用, 动, 采用, 运用, 施用, 使出, 凭靠.

Dutch words for Use

gebruik, inzet, toepassing, gebruiken, verbruik, benutting, aanwending.

French words for Use

gestion, traitement, consommation, usage, utiliser, employer, se servir de, emploi, utilisation.

German words for Use

Einsatz, begehen, Inanspruchnahme, Beanspruchung, wahrnehmen, beanspruchen, anwenden, verwenden, einsetzen, Anwendung, Verwendungszweck, Nutzen, brauchen, gebrauchen, Nutzung, Verwendung, Gebrauch, Verwertung, belegen, Handhabung, Benutzung, benutzen, nehmen, in Anspruch nehmen, ausnutzen, heranziehen, Brauch, Mitbenutzung, Verwendungsweise, Verwendungsmöglichkeit, verbrauchen, befahren, aufbrauchen, Nut.

Italian words for Use

utilizzo, impiego, utilizzazione.

Japanese words for Use

使用, 用いる, ようと, 使い道, 使用権, 役する, 用うる, つかいどころ, もちいる, 使い料, しようけん, じゅよう, つかい, 需用, つかいみち, 使い所, 詮, さいよう, もちうる, つかいりょう, じつり, えきする, こうし, 遣い.

Javanese word for Use


Korean word for Use


Malay word for Use


Marathi word for Use


Polish words for Use

wykorzystywanie, zastosowanie, używać, przeznaczenie, stosowanie, używanie, użycie, użytek, użyć.

Portuguese words for Use

aproveitar, utilidade, empregar, emprego.

Romanian word for Use


Spanish words for Use

aplicar, utilizar, emplear, uso, usar, ejercitar, consumo, gastar, empleo, consumir, utilidad, aprovechamiento.

Swedish word for Use


Tamil word for Use


Vietnamese word for Use

việc sử dụng.