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How To Spell violence?

Correct spelling: violence

List of misspellings for violence:

  • violenece,
  • viocence,
  • violene,
  • vioelnce,
  • vigulance,
  • volenter,
  • vilons,
  • voilece,
  • vilence,
  • voleenter,
  • violince,
  • viiolent,
  • viglance,
  • iolence,
  • violience,
  • viligence,
  • violennce,
  • vigalance,
  • vigalence,
  • volunme,
  • violenly,
  • violine,
  • viloance,
  • vollentear,
  • violenceis,
  • vigelence,
  • violenceand,
  • violante,
  • aillance,
  • violenct,
  • vollenter,
  • ciolence,
  • vience,
  • vilonece,
  • vilonce,
  • vioence,
  • vegence,
  • violance,
  • vilonence,
  • willnever,
  • valcence,
  • voilince,
  • violcence,
  • vigilence,
  • violace,
  • voilence,
  • voluneers,
  • vidulence,
  • volince,
  • vingence,
  • vilance,
  • vidence,
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  • volilence,
  • tolernace.

Related words for violence

1989 Bhagalpur violence



The Bhagalpur riots of 1989 refers to the violence between the Hindus and the Muslims in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar, India. The riots started on 24 October 1989, and the violent incidents continued to happen for 2 months. The violence affected the Bhagalpur city and 250 villages around it. Over 1,000 people, were killed, and another 50,000 were displaced as a result of the violence. It was the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in independent India at the time, surpassing the 1969 Gujarat riots.

2006 São Paulo violence outbreak


The 2006 São Paulo violence outbreak began on the night of May 12, 2006 in São Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in South America.

Saharanpur violence


The Saharanpur violence was a dispute in April-May 2017 between the Dalit and Rajput communities.

State of Violence


2010 film

State of Violence is a 2010 film by South African director Khalo Matabane, featuring Fana Mokoena, Presley Chweneyagae, Neo Ntlatleng, Lindi Matshikiza, and Vusi Kunene.

The Sex and Violence Family Hour


1983 film

The Sex and Violence Family Hour is a 1983 sex comedy film with a jumble of sexual skits such as "The Big Salami", "The Brady Bang" and "Leather And Chains". It marked Jim Carrey's film debut.

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This graph shows how "violence" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for violence:

  1. Violence against judges and threats of violence against Judges is on the rise and it is no laughing matter. When leaders attempt to rationalize this violence, it only makes the problem worse.
  2. Without democracy there is no freedom. Violence, no matter who is using it, is always reactionary.
  3. No matter where you go and what you do in America, you turn the tele on and you're confronted with violence.
  4. Resorting to violence and the use of force at holy sites is unacceptable, whatever the reason might be.
  5. The white man's victory soon became complete by fraud, violence, intimidation and murder.

Rhymes for violence:

  1. nonviolence;

Translations for violence:

Arabic word for Violence


Dutch words for Violence

geweld, geweldpleging, gewelddadigheid.

French word for Violence


German word for Violence


Greek word for Violence


Hindi word for Violence


Italian word for Violence


Japanese words for Violence

暴力, バイオレンス, 暴挙, ぼうきょ, 暴悪, ぼうりょく, おうぼう, ぼうあく.

Korean word for Violence


Malay words for Violence

Keganasan, Kekerasan.

Norwegian word for Violence


Polish word for Violence


Portuguese word for Violence


Tamil word for Violence


Vietnamese word for Violence

tính bạo lực.