How to spell DAT correctly?

We think the word dat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell dat correctly

  • at Will you look at him!
  • bat A blind bat could see you are madly in love with her."
  • cat "My cat, you shall have the best bed in Africa and stay there for a week.
  • da When I asked her whether she believed in higher education, she answered, without a moment's hesitation, "Ducka-ducka-da!"
  • dab Phil watched him in the rear-view mirror and noted the hasty dab at moist eyes.
  • dad Then I'll-I'll tell Dad.
  • daft But King George, as it happened, was daft just then; and George his son reigned in his stead, being called the Prince Regent.
  • dag Louise Peterhoff as Ulla, call girl Outi Mäenpää as Sirja, call girl Natacha Mutomb Dackén as Marinelle, call girl Magnus Krepper as Prime Minister Claes Ljungmark as Minister of Justice Dag Malmberg as Leader of the Opposition Mats Blomgren as the Social Worker Anna Bjelkerud as Office of the Secretary Kristoffer Joner as Sören Laurell-Wall Björn Andersson as Chief Prosecutor Rundgren Peter Carlberg as Deputy Prosecutor Wahl Rasmus Troedsson as Sörensson, attorney Lars Green as Kurt Nygren, head reconnaissance Klas Östergren as Sten Jenkert, Security Police Manager/east Boman Oscarsson as Nils Holm, Security Police Manager/admin.
  • dam A whole lot turns on that dam.
  • dart From the Dart sailed the fleet of Coeur de Lion, when he led the Crusaders to the Holy Land.
  • dat Dat ud be a well."
  • data Women are well able to analyse and explain data, and what one is capable of and understands, one succeeds in justifying.
  • date The date June 29 is given in the "Historie."
  • day I tell you, he is worse to-day!
  • ddt With the introduction of DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) as a widespread insecticide in the United States from 1940 to 1950 to control malaria, the bald eagle population decreased precipitously, falling to a low point of 487 nesting pairs in 1963.
  • dot Is der anyting cold to put in der stomach in dot bantry?"
  • eat
  • fat I'm not sure if I should include the word 'fat' in this post.
  • hat
  • lat Latin is a classical language that originated in northern Italy.
  • mat I saw a mat on the floor.
  • oat I got an oat for breakfast.
  • pat
  • rat
  • sat
  • tat I have a tat above my eyebrow.
  • vat
  • Dan Dan laughed and winced too.
  • Nat I want to buy some natasha homewares.
  • Dar But when you sees one dat is dar you ain't supe'stitious.
  • DST I'll leave for DST at noon.
  • DRAT I'm not sure why he's shouting but it sounds like he's yelling "DRAT"
  • DPT C1orf35 encoding protein Chromosome 1 open reading frame 35 C1orf49: chromosome 1 open reading frame 49 C1orf74: chromosome 1 open reading frame 74 C1orf106: chromosome 1 open reading frame 106 CD5L: CD5 molecule like CENPL: Centromere protein L CENPF (1q41) CHTOP: Chromatin target of prmt1 CNIH4: cornichon homolog 4 CNST: Consortin CREG1: Cellular repressor of E1A stimulated genes 1 CRP: C-reactive protein CRTC2 (1q21) CSRP1: Cysteine and glycine rich protein 1 DDX59: DEAD-box helicase 59 DPT: Dermatopontin DISC2, long non-coding RNA DUSP10 (1q41) DNAH14 encoding protein Dynein, axonemal, heavy chain 14 ECM1 (1q21) EDEM3: ER degradation enhancing alpha-mannosidase like protein 3 EGLN1 (1q42) ENAH (1q42) ESRRG (1q41) FAM20B: FAM20B, glycosaminoglycan xylosylkinase FAM63A: Family with sequence similarity 63, member A FAM78B: family with sequence similarity 78, member B FAM129A: family with sequence similarity 129, member A FBXO28: F-box protein 28 FCMR: Fc fragment of IgM receptor FCGR2B (1q23) FH (1q43) FMO3: flavin containing monooxygenase 3 FRA1J encoding protein Fragile site, 5-azacytidine type, common, fra(1)(q12) GAS5 (1q25) GBA: glucosidase, beta; acid (includes glucosylceramidase) (gene for Gaucher disease) GBAP1: glucosylceramidase beta pseudogene 1 GLC1A: gene for glaucoma GON4L: gon-4 like GPA33 (1q24) GPR37L1 G protein-coupled receptor 37 like 1 HEATR1: HEAT repeat-containing protein 1 HFE2: hemochromatosis type 2 (juvenile) HIST2H2AB: Histone 2A type 2-B HIST2H2BF: Histone H2B type 2-F HIST2H3PS2: Histone cluster 2, H3, pseudogene 2 HIST3H2A: Histone H2A type 3 HIST3H2BB: Histone H2B type 3-B HPC1: gene for prostate cancer IGSF8 (1q23) INTS3: Integrator complex subunit 3 IRF6: gene for connective tissue formation KCNH1 (1q32) KIF14 (1q32) LEFTY1: Left-right determination factor 1 LHX9 encoding protein LIM homeobox 9 LMNA: lamin A/C LOC645166 encoding protein Lymphocyte-specific protein 1 pseudogene LYPLAL1: Lysophospholipase-like 1 MAPKAPK2 (1q32) MIR194-1: microRNA 194-1 MIR5008: microRNA 5008 MPC2: Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier 2 MOSC1: MOCO sulphurase C-terminal domain containing 1 MOSC2: MOSC domain-containing protein 2, mitochondrial MPZ: myelin protein zero (Charcot–Marie–Tooth neuropathy 1B) MSTO1: misato 1 MTR: 5-methyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methyltransferase NAV1: Neuron navigator 1 NBPF16: Neuroblastoma breakpoint family, member 16 NOC2L: Nucleolar complex protein 2 homolog NUCKS1: Nuclear ubiquitous casein and cyclin-dependent kinases substrate NVL: Nuclear valosin-containing protein-like OLFML2B: Olfactomedin-like 2B OPTC: Opticin OTUD7B: OTU domain-containing protein 7B PACERR encoding protein PTGS2 antisense NFKB1 complex-mediated expression regulator RNA PBX1 (1q23) PEA15 (1q23) PGDB5: PiggyBac transposable element derived 5 PIAS3 (1q21) PI4KB: Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase beta PIP5K1A (1q21): Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase type-1 alpha PLA2G4A (1q31) PPOX: protoporphyrinogen oxidase PRCC (1q23) PRR9 encoding protein Proline rich 9 PSEN2 (1q42): presenilin 2 (Alzheimer disease 4) PTGS2 (1q31) PTPN14 (1q32-41) PTPN7 (1q32) RABIF: RAB interacting factor RASSF5 (1q32) RGS2 (1q31) RN5S1@: RNA, 5S ribosomal 1q42 cluster RPS27 (1q21) SCAMP3: Secretory carrier-associated membrane protein 3 SDHC (1q23) SELE (1q24) SHC1 (1q21) SLC39A1 (1q21) SLC50A1: Solute carrier family 50 member 1 SMCP: Sperm mitochondrial-associated cysteine-rich protein SMG7: nonsense mediated mRNA decay factor SMYD3 (1q44) SPG23 SPRR1A: Cornifin-A SPRR1B: Cornifin-B SPRR2A: Small proline rich protein 2A SPRTN: Spartan TARBP1: TAR (HIV-1) RNA-binding protein 1 TBCE: Tubulin-specific chaperone E THBS3: Thrombospondin 3 TMCO1: Transmembrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1 TMEM9: Transmembrane protein 9 TMEM63A: Transmembrane protein 63A TNFSF18 (1q25) TNN (1q25) TNNT2: cardiac troponin T2 TOR1AIP1: Torsin-1A-interacting protein 1 TP53BP2 (1q41) TRP (1q31) UAP1: UDP-N-acetylhexosamine pyrophosphorylase USH2A: Usher syndrome 2A (autosomal recessive, mild) USF1 (1q23) VPS45: Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 45 VPS72: Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 72 YY1AP1: YY1-associated protein 1 ZBED6: Zinc finger, BED-type containing 6 ZC3H11A: Zing finger CCCH domain-containing protein 11A ZNF687: zing finger protein 687 ZNF648 encoding protein Zinc finger protein 648 ZNF695: Zinc finger protein 695

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