How To Spell office?

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What does the abbreviation office mean?

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What are the rhymes for office?

  1. interoffice;

What are the translations for office?

Arabic word for Office


Bengali word for Office


Chinese words for Office

办公, 职位, 衙, 官职, 营业处, 政府机关.

Dutch words for Office

kantoor, ambt, werkplek, functie, vestiging.

French words for Office

office, poste, fonction, bureau, agence, cabinet, emploi.

German words for Office

Ausgabe, Aufgabe, Funktion, Amt, Stelle, Arbeitsplatz, Dienst, Charge, Obliegenheit, Dienststelle, Büro, Kanzlei, Firmensitz, Büroraum, Sekretariat, Geschäftsraum, Amtsstube, Amtszimmer, Dienstsitz, Amtssitz, Kontor, Dienstzimmer, Handelskontor, Geschäftszimmer, Dienstraum, Cargo, Kantor.

Italian words for Office

funzione, carica, ufficio, incarico.

Japanese words for Office

オフィス, 事務所, 事業所, 事務室, じむしょ, とりあつかいじょ, べんじしょ, 職掌, 詰め所, 取り扱い所, 弁事処, 詰所, いす, じぎょうじょう, 事業場, にんむ, じむしつ, つめしょ, じぎょうしょ, 弁事所, しょくしょう.

Korean word for Office


Malay word for Office


Marathi word for Office


Polish words for Office

biuro, urząd, pracownia, kancelaria, gabinet.

Portuguese words for Office

sede, escritório, consultório, agência, posto.

Romanian word for Office


Russian words for Office

офис, контора, офицерский, конторский.

Spanish words for Office

mandato, instituto, gabinete, oficina.

Tamil word for Office


Turkish word for Office


Ukrainian word for Office