How To Spell party?

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What does the abbreviation party mean?

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What are the rhymes for party?

  1. hearty, martie, harty, marty, artie, marti, arty;
  2. mccarty;

What are the translations for party?

Afrikaans words for Party

groep, party, partytjie.

Arabic word for Party


Bengali word for Party


Chinese words for Party

一方, 党, 一行, 舞会, 狂欢, 社交会.

Dutch words for Party

partij, gezelschap, feest, fuif, partij.

French words for Party

groupe, mitoyen, parti, fête, faire la fête, festif, bal, teuf, sauterie.

German words for Party

Gruppe, Seite, fest, Gesellschaft, Partie, Partei, Feier, Fete, Einladung, feiern, Party machen, Beteiligte, Beteiligter.

Hindi word for Party


Italian words for Party

soggetto, partito.

Japanese words for Party

パーティー, パーティ, コンパ, 連, しょうえん, 招宴, いちざ, いったい, えんかい, 該当者, 一隊, がいとうしゃ, 一党一派, 讌, 一派, れん, 一党, いっぱ, うたげ, 同勢, いっとういっぱ.

Javanese word for Party


Norwegian word for Party


Papiamento word for Party


Polish words for Party

strona, zabawa, partia, impreza, partia polityczna, balanga, imprezka, balet, biba, balety.

Portuguese words for Party

interessado, festa, turma, comemoração, celebração.

Romanian word for Party


Russian words for Party

партия, вечеринка, партийный.

Spanish words for Party

partido, celebrar, parte, sujeto, acogida, fiesta, festejar, persona, festejo, grupa.

Tamil word for Party


Ukrainian word for Party