How To Spell part?

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What does the abbreviation part mean?

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What are the rhymes for part?

  1. dart, cart, start, bart, hart, parte, harte, smart, heart, smartt, carte, tart, chart, mart, marte, art;
  2. depart, descartes, impart, restart, apart;

What are the translations for part?

Arabic word for Part


Bengali word for Part


Dutch words for Part

component, onderdeel, deel, bestanddeel, stuk, gedeelte, uit elkaar gaan, uit elkaar halen, aandeel.

French words for Part

volume, place, partir, composant, composante, pièce, section, épisode, se diviser, volet.

German words for Part

Anteil, Folge, Bestandteil, Teil, Abschnitt, Element, Teilbetrag, Bauelement, weggehen, Portion, Part, Ausschnitt, Partie, Rolle, Glied, Bauteil, Einzelteil, Zone, scheiden, Fragment, Werkstück, Teilaspekt, scheiteln, Fase.

Italian words for Part

porzione, regione, pezzo, ruolo.

Japanese words for Part

部分, 部, 部材, 比重, 個所, 一役, 局部, ヶ所, ぶ, 部局, 離す, わける, かしょ, ふし, ひとやく, さりいく, ぶざい, ぶい, ぶきょく, 去り行く, がわ, わかれわかれになる, きょくぶ, 別ける, いちぶぶん, へんりん, 處, ケ所, とこ, 幾分, いくぶん, 処, ぶん, 役割り.

Javanese word for Part


Malay word for Part


Polish word for Part


Portuguese words for Part

setor, vertente.

Russian words for Part

часть, участие, роль, деталь.

Spanish words for Part

parte, punto, tramo, separarse, sector, parcela, elemento, abrir, papel, rol, correr, zona, raya, separar, aspecto, apartado, abrirse, pieza, componente, fascículo, apartarse, del.

Ukrainian word for Part