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How To Spell punch?

Correct spelling: punch

Definition of punch:

  1. make a hole into or between, as for ease of separation; "perforate the sheets of paper"

List of misspellings for punch:

  • punchig,
  • paducha,
  • punchard,
  • punnish,
  • puchy,
  • dench,
  • puntchual,
  • ponch,
  • juancho,
  • chunch,
  • spinich,
  • parynchema,
  • ponish,
  • puch,
  • purch,
  • punsish,
  • pusch,
  • pluch,
  • punce,
  • spinnach,
  • pounch,
  • lounch,
  • kunch,
  • unich,
  • 7inch,
  • pinche,
  • 2inch,
  • punish't,
  • purchae,
  • pinocho,
  • punchual,
  • puschair,
  • putch,
  • qeunch,
  • quentch,
  • unch,
  • puncer,
  • purche,
  • opunish,
  • pancho,
  • punck,
  • spnich,
  • eunich,
  • punsh,
  • pinnochio,
  • eunach,
  • raunch,
  • 3inch,
  • panashe,
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  • 6inch,
  • punchure,
  • lunnch,
  • 1inch,
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  • mpnth.

What does the abbreviation punch mean?

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Alex Hyde-White


Film actor

Alex Hyde-White, also credited as Alex Hyde White, is an English-born American film and television actor. In 1978, he signed with Universal Pictures as one of the last "contract players" in Hollywood, in a group that included Lindsay Wagner, Andrew Stevens, Gretchen Corbett and Sharon Gless.

Austin Punch


Australian cricketer

Austin Punch was an Australian cricketer. He played one first-class match for Tasmania in 1927/28 and 32 matches for New South Wales between 1919/20 and 1928/29.

Bengal Punch



Bengal Punch was a sports drink created in 1958 for the Louisiana State University football team. It is believed to be the first sports drink ever created, pre-dating Gatorade by seven years. It was created by Dr.

Dom Punch


Dom Punch is a retired Irish sportsperson. He played hurling with his local club Patrickswell and was a member of the Limerick senior inter-county team in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Sean Punch is a Canadian writer and game designer. He is the author of the fourth edition of the GURPS role-playing game. Before he turned to writing he was a student of particle physics.

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Quotes for punch:

  1. The knock -out punch is always the one you never see coming.
  2. We can also cut by heat- heat punch. And we also can cut by cold- extreme cold. When you cut with heat, it makes a mark. With cold, no mark. It depends on the fabric.
  3. Also, if you watch the film once, there are lots of things that you won't get because there are punch lines in the first act, the setup to which isn't until the second act.
  4. Son, never throw a punch at a redwood.
  5. If anybody doubts my loyalty to my country, I'll punch him in the nose, and I don't care how old he is.

Rhymes for punch:

  1. lunch, bunche, bunch, munch, hunch, crunch, scrunch, brunch;

Translations for punch:

Arabic word for Punch


Bengali word for Punch


Dutch words for Punch

slaan, klap, stoot, pons, ponsen, mep, stompen, vuistslag, perforeren, in gaten maken.

French words for Punch

punch, coup de poing, frapper, cogner, perforer, poinçonneuse, perforateur, donner un coup de poing, composter.

German words for Punch

Schlag, schlagen, Stempel, boxen, Hieb, Durchschlag, knipsen, Stanze, Locher, Bowle, stanzen, auf /ew. einhämmern, punzen, Schlagkraft, Punze, Lochzange, Faustschlag, Lochung, Locheisen, Lochkartenstanzer, Boxhieb, Fausthieb, Lochstempel, ausstanzen, fäusten, punzieren, knuffen, lochen, Coup, Perforation, Punsch.

Italian words for Punch

punzone, pugno, punzonatrice, ponce, grinta.

Japanese words for Punch

ポンチ, 打ち抜く, 穿孔, うちぬく, せんこうそうち, だこく, 穿孔装置, 穿孔機構, 打刻, せん孔装置, 打抜く, 剪刀, せんこうきこう, パンチ.

Korean word for Punch

한 대 치기.

Malay word for Punch


Marathi word for Punch

असा ठोसा.

Norwegian word for Punch


Polish words for Punch

poncz, cios, dziurkacz, kasownik.

Portuguese words for Punch

perfurar, furar, pegada, pancada, punção, soco, dar um soco em, murro, perfurador, furador, porrada, socar, esmurrar.

Romanian word for Punch


Russian word for Punch

удар кулаком.

Spanish words for Punch

golpe, fuerza, golpear, perforar, picar, puñetazo, punzón, ponche, garra, dar un puñetazo.

Swedish word for Punch


Tamil word for Punch


Turkish word for Punch


Vietnamese word for Punch

cú đấm.