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Correct spelling: punch

Common misspellings for punch:

puntch, unch, pounch, ounch.


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This graph shows how "punch" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for punch:

  1. The knock -out punch is always the one you never see coming.
  2. We can also cut by heat- heat punch. And we also can cut by cold- extreme cold. When you cut with heat, it makes a mark. With cold, no mark. It depends on the fabric.
  3. Also, if you watch the film once, there are lots of things that you won't get because there are punch lines in the first act, the setup to which isn't until the second act.
  4. Son, never throw a punch at a redwood.
  5. If anybody doubts my loyalty to my country, I'll punch him in the nose, and I don't care how old he is.

Rhymes for punch:

  1. lunch, bunche, bunch, munch, hunch, crunch, scrunch, brunch;