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Afrikaans word for Side


Arabic word for Side


Bengali word for Side


Chinese words for Side

旁, 旁边, 边厢, 侧.

Dutch words for Side

kant, zijde, zijkant, zij, partij, flank, neven-, zijde.

French words for Side

face, flanc, aspect, versant, paroi, latéral, secondaire, rive, volet, sida, latérale.

German words for Side

Aspekt, Seite, Rand, Beilage, Bord, Partie, Schenkel, Team, Mannschaft, Flanke, Wand, Seitenteil, Stirnseite, Bordwand, Effet, Camp, Borde, Page.

Japanese words for Side

側面, 脇腹, 横腹, 横手, めん, わき, よこで, わきばら, よこあい, よこばら, 掖, 横っ腹, 腋, 横合い, そくめん, よこて, ぎわ, よこっぱら.

Javanese word for Side


Malay word for Side


Polish words for Side

uboczny, strona, boczny, burta, poboczny.

Portuguese words for Side

bando, beira, bordo, margem, lato, Alá, costela.

Russian words for Side

сторона, бок, боковой, боковина, стенка, стена.

Spanish words for Side

partido, parte, orilla, equipo, cara, aspecto, lado, faceta, vertiente, flanco, costado, pared lateral.

Swedish word for Side


Tamil word for Side


Turkish word for Side


Ukrainian word for Side