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How To Spell start?

Correct spelling: start

List of misspellings for start:

  • steardy,
  • stirts,
  • startd,
  • strret,
  • sedetary,
  • stsate,
  • statio,
  • stamerd,
  • staart,
  • sortd,
  • starway,
  • satete,
  • sorrt,
  • stearl,
  • setate,
  • stari,
  • startid,
  • staarted,
  • statte,
  • stotre,
  • statd,
  • steet,
  • sturat,
  • tsart,
  • starte,
  • strate,
  • starat,
  • sutalty,
  • satety,
  • sturt,
  • sarts,
  • stant,
  • staunt,
  • starater,
  • skard,
  • stirdy,
  • staet,
  • stoar,
  • sttart,
  • starty,
  • startight,
  • startegy,
  • stards,
  • stopt,
  • stuard,
  • startig,
  • staetd,
  • stote,
  • satry,
  • starte3d,
  • stret,
  • strreet,
  • ertert,
  • startin,
  • strat,
  • strad,
  • startchy,
  • stayde,
  • stard,
  • stoerd,
  • stste,
  • sutarday,
  • satate,
  • startsa,
  • styart,
  • start2,
  • starttle,
  • histort,
  • sart,
  • dtart,
  • startede,
  • starrt,
  • cemetarty,
  • staret,
  • deseart,
  • stfart,
  • startch,
  • stuward,
  • startt,
  • scert,
  • startedd,
  • spitirt,
  • satarday,
  • studt,
  • stort,
  • staurt,
  • sterwart,
  • seetheart,
  • stadard,
  • strt,
  • stward,
  • starst,
  • styate,
  • sterdy,
  • sstart,
  • staste,
  • stear,
  • surtant,
  • stuarts,
  • starget.

What does the abbreviation start mean?


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This graph shows how "start" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for start:

  1. I don't think at my age... you can start ruling people out in politics.
  2. This campaign was special because we always kept the challenger mentality we had from the start. We managed to keep the against -all -odds, can -do spirit that kept us going when no one thought we could win.
  3. I knew you had to go in and audition and maybe they'd hire you, and that's where you start. I had a good understanding about press: that it's the actor's responsibility to publicize his or her films.
  4. Once you start to look into the guts of climate change you find that just about every scientific institution in the world is conducting research on the issue.
  5. Michael Sanchez and I grew up in New Jersey, not far from here, playing soccer together. When I was in high school, I worked to start an organization to help senior citizens, which I learned a great deal from.

Rhymes for start:

  1. cart, chart, art, parte, heart, dart, carte, smart, harte, mart, tart, bart, part, marte, smartt, hart;
  2. apart, restart, impart, depart, descartes;

Translations for start:

Arabic word for Start


Chinese words for Start

启动, 启, 始, 发起, 下手, 开创, 发动, 进发, 肇始, 起头, 开端, 开场.

Dutch words for Start

oprichten, begin, aanvang, aanvangen, aansteken, ruk, voorsprong, stichten, schok, introduceren, ontstaan, vertrek, vertrekpunt, aanheffen.

French words for Start

monter, engager, instaurer, entreprendre, entamer, source, lancer, ouvrir, lancement, partir, amorcer, fonder, avancé, commencer, démarrer, débuter, mettre en route, se mettre en route, début, départ, sursaut, causer, origine, commencement, peur, fonte, inaugurer, sursauter, embrayer, naissance, mettre en marche, faire ses débuts, ligne de départ.

German words for Start

angehen, einsetzen, aufbringen, Vorgabe, ansetzen, Vorsprung, aufnehmen, Start, starten, einschalten, Aufnahme, Einstieg, Anfang, einleiten, entfachen, abfahren, abreisen, losgehen, Abfahrt, Abflug, Beginn, beginnen, anfangen, anlassen, hochfahren, aufbrechen, zucken, Ruck, zusammenzucken, Aufbruch, Auftakt, Antritt, Startplatz, Zusammenfahren, Aufschrecken, Abmarsch, anfahren, anlaufen, losfahren, anspringen, anwerfen, auffahren, den Reigen eröffnen.

Italian words for Start

avvio, inizio, partire, avviamento, partenza, iniziare, avviare, cominciare, accendere.

Javanese word for Start


Malay word for Start


Portuguese words for Start

sair, vantagem, ligar, impulsionar, origem, executar, acender, início, começar, sobressalto, encetar, colocar em funcionamento, largada.

Spanish words for Start

ponerse, lanzar, producir, desencadenar, provocar, salida, emprender, criar, iniciar, fundar, abrir, empezar, implementar, arranque, arrancar, comienzo, encender, comenzar, causar, sobresaltarse, principio, sobresalto, entablar, partida, origen, producirse, originarse, estallar, iniciarse.

Ukrainian word for Start


Vietnamese word for Start

phần đầu.