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How To Spell kitty?

Correct spelling: kitty

Definition of kitty:

  1. young domestic cat

List of misspellings for kitty:

  • quitity,
  • kotty,
  • rigity,
  • gaity,
  • cvity,
  • kiimmy,
  • kidey,
  • gifty,
  • kety,
  • ccity,
  • kittne,
  • guity,
  • quaiaty,
  • keptt,
  • kidly,
  • soeicty,
  • kiity,
  • kittin,
  • vicoty,
  • kittey,
  • knitt,
  • fitty,
  • kimmy,
  • eqity,
  • cutty,
  • ketty,
  • quiatiy,
  • kittle,
  • kirtsy,
  • gitta,
  • ketih,
  • kitfor,
  • vigette,
  • jitery,
  • kitter,
  • akito,
  • comitty,
  • kitted,
  • cigertte,
  • itty,
  • kittie,
  • hokiday,
  • sicty,
  • nitty,
  • jittry,
  • kepty,
  • quaiity,
  • kight,
  • kaitly,
  • litty,
  • qiutly,
  • jittney,
  • kattie,
  • kilty,
  • quirty,
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  • qietly.


Kitty as a girl's name is pronounced KIH-tee. Pet name for Katherine (Greek) "pure". Also used as an independent name since before the 16th century. In the 17th century, it was used as a slang term for a woman of dubious morals. Author Kitty Kelley.
  • kit,
  • Kittee,
  • Kitlyn,
  • Kittey.

Related words for kitty

Kiki and Kitty


Comedy series

Kiki and Kitty is an Australian comedy series released through ABC iview in 2017 and then screened on ABC Comedy. The series follows the adventures of Kiki, the good black girl in a bad white world, who stumbles across her vagina in the personification of Kitty, a big, black woman who maker her realise there is a lot more to life than she thought.

Kitty Brennan



Kitty K. Brennan is an American jurist and a judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Brennan has served on the court's Milwaukee-based District I since 2008.

Kitty Kantilla



Kitty Kantilla also known as Kutuwalumi Purawarrumpatu was a renowned Aboriginal artist from the Tiwi Islands of the Northern Territory of Australia.

Kitty Wintringham


Political figure

Katharine Wise Wintringham was an American political activist, best known for her activities in the United Kingdom. Born Kitty Bowler in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Wintringham studied at Bryn Mawr College.

Wheal Kitty



Wheal Kitty is a village in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is located about half a mile north east of St Agnes on the Goonlaze Downs plateau. It contains a headquarters of Surfers Against Sewage.

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This graph shows how "kitty" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for kitty:

  1. " She's a funny kitty he said. – The Doers by William John Hopkins
  2. " Get away, kitty he said. – The Doers by William John Hopkins
  3. The man laughed and said his kitty could watch if she wanted to. – The Doers by William John Hopkins

Rhymes for kitty:

  1. gritty, smitty, pretty, ditty, citi, nitty, witty, pity, hitty, miltie, city, clytie, chitty, bitty;
  2. committee;
  3. itty-bitty, subcommittee;

Translations for kitty:

Chinese word for Kitty


French word for Kitty


German word for Kitty

gemeinsame Kasse.

Hindi word for Kitty


Italian word for Kitty

cassa comune.

Japanese word for Kitty


Javanese word for Kitty


Korean word for Kitty

공동 적립금.

Malay word for Kitty


Marathi word for Kitty


Portuguese word for Kitty

fundo comum.

Spanish word for Kitty

fondo común.

Tamil word for Kitty


Turkish word for Kitty