How To Spell material?

Correct spelling: material

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What is the definition of material?

  1. concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests; "material possessions"; "material wealth"; "material comforts"

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What are the translations for material?

Arabic word for Material


Dutch words for Material

belangrijk, grondstof, materiaal, stof, materieel, wezenlijk, textiel, informatie, essentieel, lichamelijk, stoffelijk.

French words for Material

produit, important, contenu, significatif, matériau, document, substance, tissu, étoffe, concret, choses, essentiel, substantiel, physique, documentation.

German words for Material

wichtig, wesentlich, real, Materie, Material, Stoff, Werkstoff, materiell, Baustoff, Wissensstoff, körperlich, stofflich, von Belang, dinglich.

Greek word for Material


Italian word for Material


Japanese words for Material

材料, 物質, マテリアル, 物質的, 物的, 料, 有形, ネタ, 具体, ゆうけい, ぶっしつ, テックス, ぐざい, 形而下, ざいりょう, けいじか, ぐしょうてき, 具材, しろ, 肉体的, 具象的, きじ, ぐたい, ぶっしつてき, にくたいてき, ねた, マチエール.

Javanese word for Material


Korean word for Material


Malay word for Material


Polish words for Material

istotny, materialny, materiał, surowiec, tworzywo.

Portuguese words for Material

substancial, tecido, substanciais, patrimoniais, concretas, tangível.

Russian words for Material

материальный, факты.

Spanish words for Material

concreta, importante, relevante, significativo, concreto, paño.

Tamil word for Material


Turkish word for Material


Ukrainian word for Material


Vietnamese word for Material

vật liệu.