How To Spell weed?

Correct spelling: weed

What is the definition of weed?

  1. clear of weeds; "weed the garden"

What does the abbreviation weed mean?

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What are the rhymes for weed?

  1. freed, mislead, skied, recede, proceed, reseed, sneed, kneed, misread, swede, hamid, steed, breed, feed, dede, need, fried, speed, bead, nead, lead, rasheed, ede, deed, read, misdeed, she'd, creed, bleed, succeed, reid, indeed, meade, secede, saeed, walid, supersede, teed, fede, we'd, lipide, waleed, cede, reread, rashid, mead, impede, seed, stampede, wied, snead, tweed, heed, friede, brede, he'd, knead, keyed, plead, precede, bede, reed, shaheed, greed, screed, leed;
  2. agreed, concede, accede, decreed, degreed, exceed, elide, gilead;
  3. intercede, disagreed, guaranteed, overfeed, aristide;

What are the translations for weed?

Arabic word for Weed

عُشْبَةٌ ضَارَّة.

Chinese word for Weed


Dutch words for Weed

wier, wiet, onkruid, wieden.

French words for Weed

herbe, mauvaise herbe, désherber, sarcler, algue, demi-portion, chiendent, beuh.

German words for Weed

Kraut, Marihuana, Unkraut, Gras, Schwächling, Unkraut jäten, jäten, Cannabis, Glimmstängel, Hänfling.

Greek word for Weed


Italian word for Weed


Malay words for Weed

Ganja, Rumpai.

Norwegian word for Weed


Polish word for Weed


Portuguese words for Weed

erva daninha, maconha, joio.

Romanian word for Weed


Spanish words for Weed

hierba, desmalezar, desherbar, alga, maleza, mala hierba, hierbajo, cizaña.