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How To Spell weed?

Correct spelling: weed

Definition of weed:

  1. clear of weeds; "weed the garden"

List of misspellings for weed:

  • leed,
  • wegde,
  • weneed,
  • vyied,
  • workeed,
  • woed,
  • welld,
  • whered,
  • wehter,
  • wourd,
  • wizerd,
  • wetre,
  • awe'd,
  • widey,
  • weeky,
  • were'd,
  • wased,
  • queed,
  • weater,
  • weired,
  • werved,
  • sweet16,
  • weej,
  • voered,
  • webed,
  • wierdo,
  • werte,
  • we'e,
  • wiwde,
  • whend,
  • wouud,
  • wenet,
  • wwide,
  • werw,
  • beed,
  • weezed,
  • whoud,
  • wided,
  • weel,
  • werld,
  • wared,
  • wiered,
  • weried,
  • weidy,
  • ssweet,
  • wieved,
  • wee've,
  • wered,
  • weted,
  • weeve,
  • weee,
  • weeke,
  • whide,
  • ween,
  • woiud,
  • weeend,
  • wahed,
  • wneed,
  • werwer,
  • whoed,
  • wieghed,
  • we'de,
  • weaird,
  • wied,
  • we'ved,
  • aweard,
  • wiged,
  • keed,
  • we56we565r,
  • woued,
  • we'ld,
  • deede,
  • wedd,
  • weeek,
  • wierd,
  • woreed,
  • werid,
  • weidth,
  • wekk,
  • wweek,
  • widde,
  • woked,
  • weter,
  • widee,
  • we''d,
  • vedeo,
  • werido,
  • weedeat,
  • woude,
  • weeked,
  • wouid,
  • wateid,
  • wwek,
  • wheet,
  • vewed,
  • weedout,
  • we'ev,
  • week,
  • seeweed,
  • viedo.

What does the abbreviation weed mean?

Related words for weed

Centipeda cunninghamii



Centipeda cunninghamii is commonly known as old man weed, being the literal translation of its Koori name gukwonderuk. The names common sneezeweed and scent weed which were given by European settlers are increasingly falling out of use.

M. Teresa Paiva Weed


American attorney

M. Teresa Paiva-Weed is an American attorney and politician who served as President of the Rhode Island Senate. She is a member of the Democratic Party representing the 13th District since 2002 and the 49th District from 1992 to 2002.

Marion Weed


American opera singer

Marion Weed was an internationally-famous American opera singer with lead roles in the Metropolitan Opera, the Cologne Opera, and the Hamburg Opera.

Meat Weed Madness


2006 film

Meat Weed Madness is a 2006 film written and directed by North Carolina-based writer/director Aiden Dillard.

Robert Law Weed



Robert Law Weed was an architect from Miami, Florida. He designed many Modernist buildings in Miami and abroad.

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Quotes for weed:

  1. Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil.
  2. Bamboo is not a weed, it's a flowering plant. Bamboo is a magnificent plant.
  3. My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of anything until I was older. Plain girls should have someone telling them they are beautiful. Sometimes this works miracles.
  4. In Mallrats, you pretty much don't see him sell any weed, really. I don't consider him a big dealer.
  5. Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.

Rhymes for weed:

  1. freed, mislead, skied, recede, proceed, reseed, sneed, kneed, misread, swede, hamid, steed, breed, feed, dede, need, fried, speed, bead, nead, lead, rasheed, ede, deed, read, misdeed, she'd, creed, bleed, succeed, reid, indeed, meade, secede, saeed, walid, supersede, teed, fede, we'd, lipide, waleed, cede, reread, rashid, mead, impede, seed, stampede, wied, snead, tweed, heed, friede, brede, he'd, knead, keyed, plead, precede, bede, reed, shaheed, greed, screed, leed;
  2. agreed, concede, accede, decreed, degreed, exceed, elide, gilead;
  3. intercede, disagreed, guaranteed, overfeed, aristide;

Translations for weed:

Arabic word for Weed

عُشْبَةٌ ضَارَّة.

Chinese word for Weed


Dutch words for Weed

wier, wiet, onkruid, wieden.

French words for Weed

herbe, mauvaise herbe, désherber, sarcler, algue, demi-portion, chiendent, beuh.

German words for Weed

Kraut, Marihuana, Unkraut, Gras, Schwächling, Unkraut jäten, jäten, Cannabis, Glimmstängel, Hänfling.

Greek word for Weed


Italian word for Weed


Malay words for Weed

Ganja, Rumpai.

Norwegian word for Weed


Polish word for Weed


Portuguese words for Weed

erva daninha, maconha, joio.

Romanian word for Weed


Spanish words for Weed

hierba, desmalezar, desherbar, alga, maleza, mala hierba, hierbajo, cizaña.