How To Spell severe?

Correct spelling: severe

What is the definition of severe?

  1. severely simple; "a stark interior"

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What are the rhymes for severe?

  1. hear, tear, wier, lear, neer, kear, ear, near, dear, beer, meir, fear, sneer, mear, we're, shear, veer, cleere, greer, sheer, vere, cyr, bere, leer, cheer, frere, sear, sphere, shere, fleer, nir, mere, year, deere, peer, gear, stear, jeer, rear, fier, teer, here, deer, blear, pier, mir, gier, sere, smear, spear, speir, geer, gere, clear, speer, kier, steer;
  2. cashier, amir, rehear, premiere, career, emir, adhere, sameer, revere, frontier, lazear, austere, appear, yasir, shamir, zaire, samir, wazir, sincere, unclear, veneer, rainier, zahir, lanier, inhere, vizier, dornier, premier;
  3. cavalier, bandolier, engineer, domineer, brigadier, chandelier, auctioneer, rensselaer, financier, chevalier, racketeer, bombardier, belvedere, pioneer, persevere, overhear, souvenir, volunteer, gondolier, insincere, interfere, reappear, profiteer, pamphleteer, commandeer, mutineer, charpentier, disappear;
  4. electioneer, reengineer, conventioneer;

What are the translations for severe?

Afrikaans word for Severe


Arabic word for Severe


Chinese words for Severe

厉, 严苛, 严竣, 憭, 严肃.

Dutch words for Severe

ernstig, erg, zwaar, hevig.

French words for Severe

important, grave, énorme, intense, lourd, rigoureux, sévère, violent, strict, sévères, graves, impitoyable, terrible, drastique, radical, draconien, aigu, énormes.

German words for Severe

Dur, hart, schwer, stark, streng, ernst, scharf, rau, schwerwiegend, gravierend, massiv, schlimm, akut, heftig, einschneidend, arg, bitter, grimmig, übel, herb, rüde.

Greek word for Severe


Italian words for Severe

grande, acuto, gravi, gravose, rigorose.

Japanese words for Severe

厳しい, てひどい, シビア, 酷い, 酷, 痛烈, 甚だしい, がん, りんれつ, 甚しい, じゅうど, しゅんげん, かれつ, つうれつ, 重ったい, おもたい, きょうれつ, 厳めしい, 酷しい, 凛冽, 凛々, 手酷い, げんかく, 凛凛しい, ていたい, 手痛い, りりしい, 重たい, 峻厳, 凛凛, 律律しい, こく, 健か, したたか, きつい, はなはだしい, きびしい, 凜々しい.

Javanese word for Severe


Malay word for Severe


Norwegian word for Severe


Polish words for Severe

surowy, ciężki, ostry, silny, dotkliwy, srogi, ciężkie.

Portuguese words for Severe

sério, acentuado, rígido, forte, rigoroso, extrema, significativa, extremas, adversas, exigentes, severa, pesadas, grosseiras, cruéis, dura.

Romanian word for Severe


Spanish words for Severe

importante, duro, estricto, fuerte, agudo, profundo, riguroso, severo, alto, marcado, excesivo, intenso, masivo, pesado, extremo, urgente, austero, violento, acentuada, extremos, inclemente.