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How To Spell transfer?

Correct spelling: transfer

Definition of transfer:

  1. Act of transferring.

List of misspellings for transfer:

  • transferng,
  • transitioa,
  • tranciever,
  • transfrm,
  • transfere,
  • tansfer,
  • trasnsfer,
  • tranfers,
  • transpor,
  • tranfor,
  • tansform,
  • tyransferred,
  • trasnfer,
  • transter,
  • transfferd,
  • transver,
  • tranfere,
  • treansferred,
  • trunovers,
  • transfore,
  • tranfre,
  • trancfer,
  • transer,
  • transferde,
  • trunsfer,
  • tranfer,
  • dreamsaver,
  • transfor,
  • transfair,
  • transferied,
  • tranceform,
  • trnasferred,
  • transfe,
  • transeferd,
  • transfrom,
  • transerf,
  • transfree,
  • transferd,
  • transfewed,
  • reansfer,
  • transfier,
  • tramsform,
  • transfat,
  • transfre,
  • transcfer,
  • transfear,
  • transpher,
  • treansfer,
  • trensetter,
  • trnasfer,
  • transfter,
  • transger,
  • trensfer,
  • transiever,
  • transofrm,
  • transforn,
  • datatransfer,
  • trasnform,
  • tranfser,
  • trainfor,
  • transvers,
  • rtansfer,
  • transferre,
  • trnasfers,
  • transfert,
  • transe,
  • trasfer,
  • transwer,
  • transeiver,
  • transphered,
  • transsferred,
  • transfet,
  • transiver,
  • trransfer,
  • transfar,
  • transfomer,
  • transf,
  • tranform,
  • transien,
  • transfrer,
  • trabsfer,
  • transfare,
  • transers,
  • teransfer,
  • transfes,
  • transffer,
  • tarnsfer,
  • transeferred,
  • transder,
  • transort,
  • transever,
  • trensferred,
  • transsfer,
  • transrer,
  • teansfer,
  • transfuer,
  • thransfferd,
  • transferr,
  • trancefer,
  • transciever.

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O'Hare Transfer station


Train station in Chicago, Illinois

O'Hare Transfer is a commuter railroad station along Metra's North Central Service that serves Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The station is 18.6 miles away from Union Station, the southern terminus of the line.

Transfer House


Building in Decatur, Illinois

The Transfer House is a historic building located in Central Park in Decatur, Illinois. Built in 1896, the building originally served as a transfer point for Decatur's electric streetcar system. Architect William W.

Transfer of the São Francisco River



The Transfer of the São Francisco River is a large-scale interbasin transfer to the dry sertão in the four northeastern states of Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba and Pernambuco in Brazil.

USS Transfer



USS Transfer was a steam-propelled, derrick-rigged freight lighter. She was laid down on 18 August 1904 at the New York Navy Yard, launched on 24 May 1905 and placed in service at New York on 19 July 1910.



Vacansoleil–DCM Pro Cycling Team was a Dutch professional road race cycling team. They were a UCI ProTeam and competed in the UCI World Tour.

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Quotes for transfer:

  1. A transitional government is the beginning of a transfer of sovereignty. It's a question of Iraqi security and moving forward with the political process.
  2. For this game, we shot it just like it as if it was a film so there wasn't that much different from doing a film other than some technical things for the costume that had to be done so they could transfer the footage later and make it look animated.
  3. People who meet me think of Jill and transfer her strong qualities to me.
  4. My own interest in basic aspects of electron transfer between metal complexes became active only after I came to the University of Chicago in 1946.
  5. By means of tracing -paper I transfer my design to the wood and draw on that.

Rhymes for transfer:

  1. stir, blur, nurre, liqueur, murr, fur, refer, furr, spur, err, slur, inter, occur, bur, fer, bir, kerr, whirr, shir, we're, sir, cur, der, sher, thur, purr, prefer, myrrh, ur, pur, mer, fleur, ker, infer, were, deter, pere, hur, shirr, durr, monsieur, shur, demur, recur, sur, burr, fir, birr, incur;
  2. chauffeur, defer, concur, adjure, abjure, confer;
  3. saboteur, connoisseur, reoccur;
  4. entrepreneur, restaurateur;

Translations for transfer:

Afrikaans word for Transfer


Chinese words for Transfer

转, 转账, 划, 中转, 转乘, 转送, 装卸, 转车, 调迁, 调任.

Dutch words for Transfer

overbrengen, overstap, overdracht, overboeking, overplaatsing, overdragen, overschrijven, overmaking, verhuizing, uitwisseling, overbrenging, overgang, verplaatsing, overschrijving, doorgifte, overheveling.

French words for Transfer

passer, transmettre, changer, transférer, virer, transfert, transporté.

German words for Transfer

Umsetzung, Abtretung, abtreten, Transfer, Überweisung, transferieren, überweisen, versetzen, Anweisung, anweisen, Verlegung, weiterleiten, umschreiben, Weitergabe, Verbringung, Überführung, Geldüberweisung, Verlagerung, Überlassung, Übertrag, Versetzung, Übertritt, Umbuchung, Sprung, Überstellung, Umdruck, Abziehbild, überführen, verlegen, verlagern, umpumpen, umbuchen, umschlagen, umlegen, Storno.

Italian words for Transfer

trasferimento, cessione, trasferire, trasporto, passaggio.

Japanese words for Transfer

転送, 移転, 譲渡, トランスファー, 移送, トランスファ, 移し替え, てんそう, うつしかえ, のりうつる, くりこす, 乗りうつる, いてん, くりこむ, 書きかえる, 繰込む, 受渡す, 受け渡す, 乗移る, てんしゅつ, わたす, 転出, 書き替える, 繰り越す, うけわたす, 繰越す, デカルコマニー.

Malay word for Transfer


Norwegian word for Transfer


Polish words for Transfer

przeniesienie, przekaz, przejazd, przekazywanie, przekazanie, przenoszenie, przelew, przesiadka, przemieszczenie, przesył, cesja, cedowanie.

Portuguese words for Transfer

trocar, remessa, transferência, translado, de transferência, transitório.

Russian words for Transfer

трансферт, переадресация, передавать, перенесение, трансфер, перевоз, переливание, транспортирование, перевод изображения, переводить, перевозить, переливать, переправлять, перекладывать.

Spanish words for Transfer

pasar, enviar, entrega, cambiar, llevar, remitir, transmitir, transportar, traspasar, transferir, mudar, traslado, transferencia, cesión, traspaso, trasladar, trasladarse, transbordar, cambiarse, pasarse, trasvase, trasferencia, transbordo, trasbordo, fichaje, tránsito, transvase, hacer transbordo, trasvasar, transvasar, enajenar, traspasarse, transferida.

Swedish word for Transfer


Turkish word for Transfer


Ukrainian word for Transfer


Vietnamese word for Transfer

sự chuyển giao.