How To Spell trouble?

Correct spelling: trouble

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What are the rhymes for trouble?

  1. stubble, rubble, hubbell, bubble, hubble, double;
  2. redouble;

What are the translations for trouble?

Afrikaans word for Trouble


Dutch words for Trouble

probleem, moeite, nood, hinder, ellende, gedoe, overlast.

French words for Trouble

troubler, peine, ennui, ennuis, hic.

German words for Trouble

Problem, Sorge, beunruhigen, Unruhe, schaden, Umstand, Not, plagen, Schwierigkeit, Defekt, Unannehmlichkeit, leiden, Last, Plage, Schererei, Panne, Krankheit, Trouble, heimsuchen, Mal, Beschwerden, Zores, Stunk, technische Störung, Knatsch, Mühewaltung, Zoff, Malesche, Schwierigkeiten bereiten, grämen, Perturbation.

Hindi word for Trouble


Malay word for Trouble


Norwegian word for Trouble


Polish words for Trouble

kłopoty, utrapienie, tarapaty, trudność, fatyga, zmartwienie.

Portuguese words for Trouble

dificuldade, trabalho, angústia, dificuldades, tumulto, distúrbios, tribulação, enrascada.

Romanian words for Trouble

dificultate, problemă.

Spanish words for Trouble

problema, dificultad, molestar, apuro, aprieto, molestarse, preocupar, molestia, perturbar, dificultades, disturbio, molestias, preocuparse, incomodar, pepino, problemas.

Swedish word for Trouble


Tamil word for Trouble


Turkish word for Trouble